1. LOVELOVELOVE! your hair was soo long even as a youngin. Now it’s almost as long natural (if not that long already).

    Quick question: I bought the Donna Marie Super Buttercreme based on your awesome review. Small problem…it looks like its separating already 😦 I tried mixing it with the end of a rat tail comb to no avail. I’m seriously thinking about buying a hand mixer and whipping it up into a smoother consistency. So my question — has this product ever separated on you and what did you do to fix it (if anything at all)?

    1. Hah! It’s def not as long, but I’m working on it! Yes, my Buttercreme has separated, that’s why I removed it from my HG list (it’s in the comments). However, it still works great and I have about a jar and a half left. I just mix it up with my finger when I use it, it’s not really a big deal to me but I didn’t want to keep buying it.

    1. Sorry, she only had a pic of the back in that album (which is why I thought it was funny, because it was a total hair shot). What, you don’t believe that’s me? 😉

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