Little Penguins Organic Honey and Vanilla Bean Smoothie Review/FAQ About Reviewing Specific Products

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Little Penguins Organic Honey & Vanilla Bean Smoothie:
Made with distilled water, organic castor oil, organic golden jojoba oil, BTMS (rapeseed oil emulsifier) vegetable source glycerin, organic raw Brazilian honey, panthenol, hydrolized silk protein, radish root fermente (Leuconostoc), essential oils of bourbon vanilla, and mandarin.

Re: The FAQ – No shade, but please remember that I buy a majority of these products with my own money, so please do not be offended if I tell you that I am not going to try/review something that you ask me to. I buy and review the products that I am interested in. Thanks! xoxo

Oh, and I’m almost done with the reviews poll (finally)!! Here’s what’s left:


  1. Elle, I know you’ve done a video of how you style your hair, but that was when it was short. i was wondering if you could do another one now that your hair is much longer, especially showing how you get the side-swept hair and how you dry your hair. Do you use a diffuser? Are you leaving the house with a wet head, etc. Thanks!

    1. Sorry, my method is the same, so I do not think another video would be beneficial yet. In order to get my hair to the side, I just do a side part – I don’t always wear my hair like this though, some times I just do no part like I did in my second wash n go video. I also have a video on diffusing, but I rarely do that. Hope that helps.

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