Go Organic or Die!

…Not really.

Check out the site. http://www.terressentials.com/hairhelp.html

If you want to try the Hair Wash, go for it. I’m in no way saying it’s a bad product, the company is just a bit meh to me….like I said, I’ll continue to use it as a mask, but I still like the shampoos I use.

I understand them advocating not using plastics on your hair, but this is the part that threw me off:

Our Hair Wash is a pure, totally natural, clay-based product blended with soothing organic herbals and beautiful, stimulating organic essential oils. It contains no synthetic petrochemicals, synthetic protein or petrochemical polymer plastics, oleochemical surfactants/detergents, or oleochemical emulsifying wax emollients (“vegetable wax,” cetyl alcohol, stearates, fatty acids, etc.) to leave a residue on the hair or scalp.

Isn’t vegetable wax just as natural as beeswax?? Wouldn’t both have the potential to cause build up? Hmmm…

2 thoughts on “Go Organic or Die!

  1. roro says:

    i know this is a little late but i just watched this video so yeah
    i undrstand the fustration with terressentials the first time i heard of them i was like ‘well if i use their hair wash only what the hell else can i use?’. At the same time i had just started to really take care of my hair and i was buying a lot of expensive and cheap products that weren’t really doing much for me. Nothing against product junkism i’m just not one by nature. Anyways, i tried the hair wash and i still use conditioners like shea moisture stuff and it works really well. I think their whole angle is natural products dissolves better with their hair wash than silicones and other non naturally derived elements. Silicones and such coat the hair and when your hair is chemically treated those caoting agents will make your hair look healthy and shiny when really it is. But if your hair isn’t chemically treated and it’s taken care of then use whatever conditioner you want with the hair wash cause even though certain ingredients coat the hair the hair cuticle underneath is smooth anyways (cause it’s healthy) so when you finish detoxing your hair won’t look raggedy. Thats my understanding of it i’m not sure about the whole beeswax thing because like you it’s way too heavy for me. Perhaps they mean that beeswax and naturally derived ingredients dissolve better with their wash than say vegetable wax…

    hope you find this useful

  2. Anonymous says:

    First, Izzy is amazing! It’s so awesome to see in the different videos how much and how beautifully your hair has grown. When I started watching natural hair videos I started to feel that there were so many rules. Some women said to avoid WnGos, others to avoid silicones, mineral oil, etc., etc. I do think that natural ingredients make a difference, but it’s still a trial and error process. For example, I didn’t like AO Honeysuckle Rose, but I loved Garden’s Gate Hemp Conditioner and Giovanni Leave-in. Also, I couldn’t imagine using only one product, please! I like switching it up every time I wash/co-wash my hair. The other day I was amazed at the results I got from Twisted Sista Curl Activating cream, not great ingredients. Maybe it’s the product, or maybe it’s that my hair is in good condition b/c I’ve been taking really good care of it, or that I paired it with the right leave-in. ( I love leave-in conditioners!) Bottom line, less rules, more listening to my hair’s condition.

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