Quest to Tailbone Length! The Viviscal Growth Series Part I

Although these products were provided to me free of charge by lifes2good, the opinions expressed in this video are honest and my own.

Ingredients in the Viviscal supplement –
Ingredients in Viviscal shampoo –
Ingredients in Viviscal conditioner –…
Ingredients in Viviscal scalp lotion –

There are also some threads on LHCF about Viviscal with people discussing their results.

Please let me know if you have any questions!


16 thoughts on “Quest to Tailbone Length! The Viviscal Growth Series Part I

  1. luvmylocs says:

    elle are you still taking your omega 7 or did you put that on pause during this experiment? just asking since it may contribute to hair growth. also you said the product increases sebum production. is extra sebum related to what cause oily skin to have breakouts? i mean if it gets clogged or whatever. i’m rambling. last comment. castor oil, straight no chaser is supposed to fill in hair loss. my indian friend and eyebrow threader (2 different girls) said to use castor oil to get my eyebrows full. so you could just massage castor oil in your two spots of concern and as long as your hair grows in those spots the castor oil will thicken it up there. love your blog!!!

    • HB says:

      I have taken omega fatty acids before and they have never seemed to give me any extra boost, so I am going to continue with the omega 7. The Viviscal is supposed to act as a replacement of my hair/nails vitamin(s), only (Nioxin/Biotin), so I will continue to take my other vitamins in order to see how the Viviscal fits into my current routine. I would not take the Viviscal alone.Yes, sebum is an oil, so I would assume that an overproduction of sebum could potentially cause a breakout – so far, I have not had any adverse effects. I’ve used castor oil before on my spots, and it really didn’t do anything, and I also hate oiling my scalp. I’m not sure I really believe in topical growth aides (unless it’s sulfur b/c that can absorb into your scalp), but at least the Nioxin Scalp Lotion isn’t oil based, so it’s not as bothersome to use. However, I have to reiterate that the active ingredient is in the supplement.

  2. Tiffany says:

    Hey Elle! I’ve been stalking you…I mean lurking around for some time now and just had to put my two cents in here. I’ve been using Viviscal for about 2 months now. From what I understand about the product, it takes 3 months to notice any hair growth. But my nail growth is insane. And my “relaxed hair V’s” have finally filled in! I swore I was balding, and ordered viviscal just for the purpose of my “V’s”. The rest of my hair seems like it is growing faster, but as I didn’t do a length check when beginning the sup, I can’t quantify it. As far as sebum production, I don’t notice any real difference. At least not enough to affect my frizz at my part. I am in month 12 of my transition and have a little over 6 inches of growth. So I have averaged about .5 inch per month. We’ll see how overall growth looks going forward. Though I’m thrilled with th hairline fill in at this point! Thanks so much for all your hard work on this blog and for sharing the greatness of Izzy with all of us.

    • HB says:

      Hi Tiffany, thank you so much for your comment! Yes, from what I have read Viviscal is not supposed to “kick in” for three months or so, so I’m not expecting much for at least the first couple of months. I’m glad you are making progress and it’s filled in your hairline! Awesome.

    • HB says:

      Why thank you! I really want to get to the point where I can make ponytails and buns without putting stress on my hair at all. That’s my next goal point.

  3. Soleil says:

    Where can I get that shirt?! My hair goals change every month or so but right now I’m aiming for ABL, or where your hair is now. My hair is about 7-8 inches long after 15 months and is envying Izzy and her amazing growth. Hope you get there!

    • HB says:

      I got mine off of And thanks, I hope I get there too! I at least want to get to BSL by the end of the year.

  4. DebbieDeb says:

    I am definitely interested in your ongoing thoughts/opinions on this product. I am always leary of products that are associated with hair growth. I have never done a length check because I thInk I’d probably become obsessed with growth! My hair still looks like a twa even after 7months…major shrinkage! I don’t really have a goal right now…maybe when my hair doesn’t still look like a twa I may be encouraged to do so.
    p.s. I have the same thin edges in the exact same location!

    • HB says:

      I also give a mild side eye to products that claim to “grow” your hair, but who knows, maybe I’ll get something. I’m more excited about the sebum production! Maybe that will help my hair not be so frizzy on my part, lol. And see…those relaxed hair V’s…hah!

  5. sarayve says:

    Our hair is the exact same length now. I trimmed it last month. My ends were in a state. Good news is my curls have been looking extra lovely ever since. Good luck with your growth series!

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