Question of the Day: Styler vs. Finisher, What’s the Difference?

Q. Hey Elle, what’s the difference between a styler and finisher in the way you use products? I guess what is the place of a finisher in a regimen? Is it to add gloss at the end of styling?

A. Basically, IMO, a finisher is a lighter version of a styler, usually in the consistency of more of a serum. For me, finishers “loosen” the hold of the other styler (especially with a thicker gel), provide extra moisture and frizz control, and usually give a dab of shine (some more than others, like, Curl Junkie Curls in a Bottle (CIAB) is big on shine but Curl Keeper doesn’t give me as much). I am also able to use all of my HG finishers as my sole styler when I am looking for fluffier hair with some frizz control. Hth!



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