14 thoughts on “The Cherry Lola Treatment and Baking Soda on Natural Hair

  1. Sue says:

    Hi Elle,
    I have very curly hair; low porosity; not quite coarse, except for areas above my ears. My issue is my curls are usually very frizzy at the roots and my hair takes forever to dry. Do you think this treatment would make a difference?

    • HB says:

      You never know until you try it. All of the ingredients can be found at the grocery store and I doubt it would be harmful, so give it a go if you’re curious.

  2. mimi410 says:

    At the point where a recommendation of using ‘common sense’ is perceived as ‘bitchy,’ then something is very wrong with the way people think nowadays. The video was instructive and no-nonsense. As far as newbies are concerned, there is a ‘learning curve’ in the natural hair journey. For a time you are just a student taking in all the practical and knowledgeable info that others have gathered on this path before you. Ultimately, it will take ‘common sense,’ for you to become the master of your own hair, because no one will know your hair better than you.


    Sorry about your car accident. Take care!

  3. Gnatural says:

    You were right on point with the answer and it wasn’t snotty at all. Just giving it like it is. People should be able to respect that. Glad you are okay!

  4. Shay says:

    Okay, not bitchy, but yeah a little harsh. You have to realize that there are a lot of newbies who look at your blog and ask questions because they’ve read a bunch of different opinions from different folks who all say different things about different treatments. Have patience if you can (maybe on a day you didn’t get into a car accident).
    But, what you say makes sense, and I especially liked your vid on porosity. Very helpful.

    • HB says:

      I do realize there are a lot of newbies seeking information, and trust me, I often exhibit more patience than I usually would, because I was also a newbie seeking information at one time. That was my entire point about asking yourself if something makes sense…when I was a newbie (and in some ways I still consider myself a newbie because I have only been natural for a year and a half) I too heard the information about baking soda and quips about using it to clean pans, and therefore it is bad to use on your hair. But then I took a step back and thought about it…sure, people use baking soda to clean pans, but also to brush their teeth. If I can put something in my mouth, why can’t I put it on my hair? As a result, I did some research on what baking soda does to hair and how relaxers affect our hair, because I wanted to see how they differed, because to me it seemed a bit far fetched that a simple household item could loosen curls and people are still running out to buy texturizers/relaxers to support a billion dollar industry. Heck, I still don’t know 100% whether ACV cleanses hair or not, although from a scientific perspective I was told it does not – but SO many people still believe this and I can’t find any studies on it. Regardless, I believe the “harshness” that you perceived was most likely due to my mood in addition to the fact that I have stated several times on this blog that I do not think baking soda loosens curl, and I ask that people browse around the site and check some stuff out before jumping in to ask questions. The search function on WordPress is very intuitive and I often search my own site for information and old posts, and it comes up in three pages or less and doesn’t look all gobbly gooky and crazy in the search results. I feel like some people just want all their answers at once, and are so excited about being natural that they just bombard a “guru” (in quotes b/c I don’t consider myself a guru) in order to receive the quickest benefit. Now, I could be like a lot of bloggers/YTubers and ignore people altogether. But the consideration needs to go both ways.

      • Shay says:

        totally understand… I’m just empathizing with questioner since I’m only 6 months into not doing crazy damaging stuff to my hair….

  5. Monique Lascelles says:

    Nah…you weren’t being bitchy at all! I got three good & firm points out of the vid 1) use good common sense!, 2) who or why one should/could use a steamer (which should answer alot of ppl’s questions on whether they should invest in a steamer) & 3) the baking soda saga continued or ended. Good info & sorry to hear about the auto accident hope all is well or at least will be soon!

  6. artemis513 says:

    Common sense isn’t so common nowadays, sometimes people need vids like this (straight to the point, not sugar coated). I like your vids and blog because you have lo-po hair like me, but I also am able to think to myself “hmm, Elle has med-coarse hair, and I have fine hair, so how might this product/method benefit me?”. I find myself taking my own analytical thought process for granted sometimes, lol.

    You weren’t bitchy, you were voicing your honest opinion and perspective, as usual. Anyone who thinks otherwise is probably projecting.

    Take care…

    • HB says:

      I never know how people are going to react to what I say (I’ve already been called snotty and rude and bitchy), so I just thought I’d throw a disclaimer up there so if folks wanna get mad I can say, “uhhh, didn’t I tell you to click the x?”

  7. Felicia E says:

    Girl i aint never in my life heard of that untill i stumbled upon kimmaytube… after watching her series I realized that ppl read between the lines too much. Also i feel like that whole baking soda debate still makes no sense no matter how much science u put behind it. I understand the harshness of it.. but i am so sure there are many other harsh products and methods we use on our hair.

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