Question of the Day: Straight Strands and Flaky Hair

Q1.How is it that I still have bone straight strands that randomly appear? I mean “randomly.” I can go 3 month with curls, and a few flyaways then out of the blue, I can find a 5 inch long strand of straight hair??

A1: Ah, the joys of curly and kinky hair. This is normal – I have some random strands on my head that are straight from root to tip, so I know it isn’t any kind of old heat damage (the last time I straightened my hair was in March). Now, I’ve never actually seen a thorough explanation for why this happens, but it’s totally normal to have different curl patterns on one head. Usually, newer hair is more noticeable if it’s straight because it is shorter. If you are seeing long straight strands, it could be that you are just now noticing it because it hangs longer than the rest of your hair. Unless you are using heat, I would not worry about it. But, if you don’t think it’s normal, try doing a protein treatment, which may “perk” up your curls.

Q2. I’m currently using Deva Curls Cond and Gel which flakes once it dries leaving me with white patches in my hair. Could this be an issue of too much product or a missing product I need to give me moisture?

A2. In my experience, the gels from DevaCurl are not moisturizing and a bit drying on my hair. I don’t know which one you are using (Angel or Arc Angel), but even the Angel doesn’t have much moisture for me and it’s the lighter of the two. I’m trying to use it up, so I use it as a finisher to loosen a thicker gel. It doesn’t give much moisture, but if I’m already using a moisturizing leave-in and styler, it won’t dry me out either. It’s also nice for extra frizz control on my canopy. It’s never flaked on me though. Does it go on white, or does it go on clear then dry white? You may be getting a reaction between the two (which is hard to explain why most of the time), or using too much conditioner. Or, you may need to wash your hair. IME, flaking isn’t really a sign of dry hair though, so I wouldn’t add more product to the combo.

Ultimately, if your products aren’t working how you want them to or you are having issues, switch up how you use it, or stop using it totally – I don’t play with products making my hair white!


5 thoughts on “Question of the Day: Straight Strands and Flaky Hair

  1. mslici says:

    Good to know. I BC’d not too long ago and was wondering if they were missed relaxed ends or just some straight strands from long lost straight haired ancestors.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Great question! I BC’ed last month and was noticing some root-to -tip straight strands too, wondering, “WTH?! I haven’t used heat in forever!” But since I believe I’ve been treating my hair well I shrugged it off and trimmed them down so my TWA wouldn’t look unkempt. I wouldn’t worry about it.

  3. Maya Ange'le Reid says:

    Nice to know that random straight strands are normal–I’ve started seeing more and more recently but haven’t used heat in 20 months. I was wondering if I just discovered some really old permanent heat damage, but I guess I shouldn’t be worried?

  4. sarah says:

    I read somewhere (helpful yet vague, no?) that random straight pieces when you’re not using heat could be due to hygral fatigue.

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