Natural Hair Questions: August 26, 2011

Questions in this vid:

1. Hiya Pixie (Elle)……I have a question that just has me stumped! I am 16 months natural….and it seems as if my growth has reached a plateau…is that common with natural hair?
2. Hey Elle! My question is about scalp massages! Do you think they are necessary? Do you do them? If so, how often and what do you use?
3. Some people (especially stylists) give a side eye to those who make food mixes for their hair (for example a DC with avocado, honey, etc), saying that people are wasting their time because food doesn’t penetrate hair, it just coats it. Do you agree?
4. Elle, do you think detangling is necessary for a TWA and did you detangle much after you BC. I am five months post BC. My hair is very thick and very curly, in Elle code ‘it loves to love on itself 🙂 and my detangling session takes about 30-45min.

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One thought on “Natural Hair Questions: August 26, 2011

  1. GGCurly says:

    So I did my BC 2 months ago (yay me). But during my transition I flat ironed my hair into oblivion, now about 20% of my hair is straight/straggly/frizzy. I’ve been doing DCs with and without protein. And it’s helped..a little. Is there anything I can do to restore my curls that Ive grown to love so much?

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