Viviscal Growth Series Part III: 2 Month Update

Still doing well – my nails are ridiculously strong and growing so fast!

For the shirt –

Here are some sites to get Viviscal:……












5 thoughts on “Viviscal Growth Series Part III: 2 Month Update

  1. Alicia says:

    Hey Elle,
    I was just wondering are you still working with the shampoo and hair lotions @ all or are you just taking the supplements!?

    • HB says:

      I use the scalp lotion probably once or twice a week, but haven’t really used the poo/condish since I took a lot of stuff out of my shower. Remember, the supplement is the only product that contains the “active” ingredient.

  2. Asa says:

    Have tyou noticed hair getting thicker anywhere else on your body other than your head? That’s always my fear with this sort of stuff.

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