Viviscal Growth Series Part IV: 3.5 Month Update (Final)

Please check out my other videos on my Viviscal Series before asking additional questions. No, it will not make your hair fall out once you stop taking it. Yes, you can take two at a time (I started doing that).

Part I

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5 thoughts on “Viviscal Growth Series Part IV: 3.5 Month Update (Final)

  1. Lavendar says:

    I do remember your blog in the very beginning and your big chop! I’ve been following your progress; and I know I’ve told you before, but I’m always floored at your progress and how beautiful you are Izzy are. Did I get that right…it’s Izzy right? LOL I’m still transitioning, but half of your progress would be all right with me! Blessings!

    • HB says:

      Thank you! 🙂 And yep, it’s Izzy!! I’m proud of her, lol. Good luck with your transitioning! I stank at that, haha.

  2. Aina says:

    Random, not-so-pleasant question…did Viviscal cause hair growth on other parts of your body? That is something I worry about, I’m generally fighting a losing battle with body hair as it is, lol!

    • HB says:

      I didn’t notice any, but everyone is different. Just like biotin causes some people to break out, I can take 7500 mcg of biotin a day without any negative side effects.

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