12 thoughts on “Natural Hair Lessons Learned: Two Years Natural!!

  1. artransplant says:

    Great video! Can you post a link of your year one lessons? I’m in the BC stage and am interested in seeing how the growth progressed initially.

    • Elle says:

      I didn’t do one – I did a photo video of the year. I also have a video on tips for right after you BC that may be helpful to you – search “year” and/or “big chop” on the blog and they should come up!

  2. Katie says:

    Thanks for the video. It nice to have a reminder of what you are doing all rolled into one video. I’ve been taking your advice and definitely see a difference in my hair too.

  3. Amber says:

    Hey Elle. I’m about to reach my two year natural anniversary as well in April =]. Also, I’m wondering, how tall are you?

    Thanks 😀

      • Amber says:

        I wanted to know if the appearance of your hair’s length is due to how fast your hair growth rate is or if it is due to your height.

      • Elle says:

        Well, just so you know, that notion is incorrect. We did a poll on LHCF and your height doesn’t really matter, it’s the measurements of your neck and torso. There were some shorter people with long torsos and the # of inches to their waist was the same as some of the taller people in the thread. It’s 25″ from the top of my head to my natural waist and I’m 5’4″. I just looked the thread up, and another poster was 5’9″ and 26″ to her waist. I think people should focus more on retention, because your hair is always going to grow unless you have a medical issue.

  4. Danielle (@projectdanielle) says:

    Hey Elle,
    Had to check in cause I knew you passed you 2 year mark. I’m heading to my 2 yr mark in Feb. I have definitely noticed quite a few of the things you mentioned. My conditioner only WnGs definitely matte up and I find myself needing more product than I generally use. I’ve been fighting sectioning but I have to make the time to get better hair days.

    Izzy looks fab as always!!!

  5. Gina says:

    Your hair is beautiful!!!! Love it. Haven’t been to your page in awhile since I got sisterlocs… Your hair is just getting bigger and bigger!!!

  6. Cathy says:

    Thank you so much for the video. I am 9 yrs natural, but have just really gotten into the “natural process” the last 7 months and my hair has flourished!. When you said “listen” to your hair I really didn’t know what you meant at first, but now I do !!! I am a true “product junkie”. I get the shakes when there is not a new product coming in the mail. I just started doing twist out because my hair would not stay twisted. Now I am rocking it like Macy Gray, at least that is what a co-worker said.
    Thanks for giving me confidence in my curls!

  7. Quinisha says:

    Your hair looks gorgeous! I haven’t been on your blog in a while and I’m completely amazed! It’s longer than long! I hope I have a prosperous second year (I’m at one year and three months) as you did. My problem is shrinkage and dryness. The more I moisturize, the more my hair coils to my scalp. When stretched, my hair touches my nose. When it’s not stretched it almost dangles on my forehead. It’s growing but it doesn’t look like it! I hate that! I do twist outs. Braid outs. Etc. All I want is big hair! It’s hiding!

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