15 thoughts on “A Natural Hair Tale of Caution :) (Hair Color)

  1. Ambyr says:

    The same thing happened to my hair when I dyed my hair! I used Clairol’s Textures and Tones in Blazing Burgundy. NEONish. I was so freaked out because I dyed my hair the WEEK BEFORE my brother’s wedding. I did a strand test as well. I came to the conclusion that because I used henna about 3 months before I used permanent dye. I think that the henna, like someone previously mentioned, coated my hair so that the color did not take as well. My hair has darkened since, so my roots are not as scary and in this case, my shrinkage definitely helps blend my freakish color!

  2. Shanna says:

    My hair did the same thing girl. Pretty Dimples from You Tube actually color corrected my hair when she was living in Charlotte. She highlighted it with a color that matched the light color at the top. Her intent was to get it to a point where when I did my home dye job again, I would be back on track. The highlights blended everything but looked a bit unnatural too me. She told me that the next time I dyed my hair, I could either chose the same light color or the darker color. I chose the light color on the roots and when I washed it, it It got on the highlights which toned them down so now my hair is perfect. Looks more like natural sun lightening if that makes since. Good luck.

  3. brittbreezy says:

    you know what’s funny I kinda miss the red hair cause to me it was like your thing, it was one way I described you, but this brown looks intresting you should take pics so we can see it up close

  4. c2k says:

    Hi Elle,
    I also think that because you have used henna in the past and it leaves a permanent coating on the hair strands, mid strand to the tips of your hair are more resistant to any dye/colour you put on it.
    I would also advise not using boxed dyes but to get the one in two parts – y’know with the developer and all that, try; Nutratint hair dye, it is more gentle than most dyes out there, and won’t harm your precious locks so much. It is ammonia and resorcinol free and the PPD is it is very low.

    Although I would wait a while before dying again if I were you…your hair may end up being very porous.

    Good Luck!

  5. Steph says:

    Hi Elle!

    I am a subscriber on youtuber. I’m sorry your hair didn’t come out the color that you wanted it, but your hair always looks gorgeous to me! I just have a quick question about your wash-n-go. Do you feel that you have much shrinkage? My hair is a pretty good length, almost BSL stretched, but I don’t think my wash-n-go would ever hang as long as yours does. I would probably go right back up to my ears in some places. Do you think it is the products that you use or you have less shrinkage? Thanks!

    • Elle says:

      I have a pretty good amount of shrinkage – when my hair is wet it’s below my collarbone. Then it shrinks up to my shoulders or a bit above. If I stretch my hair in a bun the night before (like on second day hair), it may fall a tiny bit below my shoulders. I sometimes get more/less depending on what product I use, but I don’t really pay attention.

  6. Mia says:

    Thank you so much for this post – I’ve been dying to dye my hair for a few months now, and I’ve been tempted by the Walgreen’s box dyes (since it’s a few blocks away, and I’ve been intimidated by the thought of the developer/color route, and didn’t want to spend the $ for a colorist). So at least now it’s down to two options.

    I’m glad your hair’s not breaking off (that happened to me when I dyed my then-relaxed hair years ago – but I dyed it four times in a week!).

    Also thanks for mentioning what you did post-dye to keep your hair feeling and looking good and strong (the conditioners you used afterwards).

    I hope it goes well with the colorist!

    • Elle says:

      Yea I felt the same way! The developer colors scare me! But my friend yelled at me and I’m gonna stay away from boxed dye now for sure, even if I don’t go to the colorist.

  7. Carla says:

    Like, OMG, Elle! I THINK what happened is you tried to lift the color from recently dyed hair. That’s my guess so take it with a grain of salt. I agree with you about leaving it alone for a while though.

    My hair is porous AND medium/fine and it would be coming out in clumps by now if that was me. Best of luck with a colorist and I can’t wait to see the results!

    • Elle says:

      Nah it’s not that, the color I previously used wasn’t permanent and I think most of it had washed out b/c I pretty much wet my hair everyday. It’s because the hair by your roots processes faster b/c it’s warmer by your scalp – which I knew, but I’ve dyed my hair several times over the years and it’s NEVER come out like that – it might be a little lighter right by my scalp but not like a huge two inch section. I don’t think your hair would be coming out in chunks, the dye I used was actually pretty gentle and my hair didn’t feel dry or too elastic at all when I rinsed it out. I just did a PT with my Curl Junkie Repair Me! then DC’ed overnight. It feels great but I’m definitely going to stay conscious of my hair’s state and focus on deep conditioning. I’m still debating on the colorist – if I go do that I was going to lift the rest of my hair and go a little darker than the blonde patch…but if I just dye it brown I’ll use a semi and do it myself because it’s not stripping my hair.

      • Carla says:

        I hear you, I never had that happen to me either. I guess I said my hair would “come out in chunks” because it never did well going that light – its probably because my hair is so porous and borderline fine. I never had issues going darker.

      • Elle says:

        Ah, gotcha. I never had issues going light – the ONLY time my hair went crazy on me from dye is when I used straight up bleach…that was…not smart. Oh, and bleaching relaxed hair? Talk about turning your hair to MUSH.

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