In Review: Is WEN Wenning?

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Check out Chaz Dean’s site for the full ingredients of the WEN Cleansing Conditioners, they all slightly vary in terms of ingredients.

Here’s the article I was referencing from The Beauty Brains.…. No I don’t think they know everything, but I did also look up the ingredients and it seems the sufactants in WEN are more for conditioning rather than cleansing.

If you can speak on this from a SCIENTIFIC level, please feel free to provide input, because I am definitely interested in hearing the science behind this.


10 thoughts on “In Review: Is WEN Wenning?

  1. Ria Gant says:

    Thanx for this post. For me, Wen is not a good conditioner but is one of the best sulfate free shampoos when used consistently. It is a terrible leave-in. The trick with Wen is to use LESS than they recommend with a water rinse & then add more & then do a final rinse. It does remove all silicones & gunk if you use enough water & work the product through. As you age & start to dye your hair, it will help immensely as it will not leech the dye from your hair. This is my opinion as an older woman… Routines used on “young” hair will not work on older dyed hair…

  2. Cassie says:

    Hi Elle,

    I was just searching around and I found your page which I love. I am going natural for the first time and my big chop is tomorrow. If I am asking a question that has already been answered my apologies I looked through your Youtube and didn’t find anything but what do you recommend for those of us who have just had our big chop and have super short hair (during the winter)? What type of moisturizers, shampoos and conditioners are good for really short hair? Thanks!!

    • Elle says:

      Hi Cassie, the products on my hg list now I also recommend for short hair. Several of those products I used when my hair was short.

  3. Janel L says:

    ive always wanted to try this product but the prices were waaaayyyyy out of my price range….Some say HairOne products are the generic version…..not sure havent tried those either. Appreciate your review.

  4. Cicely J aka Curly Lox says:

    Hey Elle,

    I used to play around w/ color because I get rather bored w/ my hair sometimes. But I found that my hair was extra dry and brittle when I dyed it (but I used to bleach then color because my hair is resistant to color) … I want to dye it again this Summer but wondering what I can do to keep it from feeling do dry.

    Also, have you heard anything about Wen breaking/shedding the hair. I have heard more bad reviews than good. Your hair doesn’t seem to be effected. I’m scared to try it.

    • Elle says:

      I read some information on the QVC forums and this was happening to some women – however, I didn’t use my WEN consistently enough for that to really be a factor in my experience. Because WEN has protein, I certainly didn’t use it everyday and continued to rotate with more moisturizing conditioners.

  5. Anonymous says:

    SOOOOOO What is the point of reviewing products if the results are going to be different anyway based on your hair type.

  6. La'son says:

    Hi Elle. I have the Wen Winter Vanilla Mint, Pomegranate, and Sweet Almond Mint. Out of the 3, the Winter Vanilla Mint works well in my hair. I mix the Pomegr. and the WVM together. It gives great slip. I sit under the dryer for 30 min. It makes my hair very moisturized. After my supply is gone, I won’t purchase again. It was fun trying it, though.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Dear Elle:
    I love this video. You look fabulous as usual.
    I am doing well implementing your regimen/holy grails

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