Solstice Scents Valentine’s Day Release / B.A.S.K. New Releases: Treat Yoself!

If you follow me on Facebook, you know that I have been stalking a couple of companies for their latest releases. Well, the wait is almost over!!! And for B.A.S.K., it’s over now. Score!!!

The Solstice Scents V-Day Collection will be released Monday 2/6 at 7 p.m. EST offering the scents listed at

I’ll tell you right now, I’m about to go in, son! Here’s my wish list:

  • Cherry Cordial (Perfume and Ganache)
  • Black Forest (Perfume)
  • Violet Truffle (Ganache – I already have the perfume)
  • German Chocolate Cake (Perfume and Ganache)

I’m also thinking of getting the Spellbound Woods perfume in this order as well – I have a sample of this one and it is lovely.

NEW!.....Condensed Custard Thick Body CreamIn addition, B.A.S.K. Beauty, which is quickly becoming one of my favorite newcomers, released their Condensed Custard late last night, which I’ve been waiting for (I got a sample about a month ago and I LOVE this stuff.)! They are on sale this weekend for $12 a pop (the Whipped Custard is on sale as well).

Rashida also put out a sampler pack for those wanting to try the products as well as a Custard Two-Pack (4oz of the Whipped Custard and 2oz of the Condensed Custard in the scent of your choice – obviously I got this in Lemon Beignet to carry in my purse.). Oh, and I can’t forget the sugar scrubs!!! They look super yummy but I told myself that I need to make my own scrubs with the big bag of raw sugar sitting in my cupboard. Anywho, you can check out the goodies at

Are you drooling yet?

3 thoughts on “Solstice Scents Valentine’s Day Release / B.A.S.K. New Releases: Treat Yoself!

  1. Orihime says:

    I ordered from both b.a.s.k. and solstice scents last week for the first time. I haven’t gotten my b.a.s.k. items yet, but I got my solstice scents. omg…..impressed is not enough to describe how I felt about my items. I got the whipped soap in sugarvale…girl, let me tell you I can’t put it down, the smell is unreal! I also got the valentines day scent sampler and and extra sample of cherry vanilla ambroisa. The scents are soooo sensual. I think my signature scent/fave is going to be sugarvale hands down, so I have to get that in the perfume lol.

    • Elle says:

      It’s so good. I have like 14 Solstice Scents perfumes or so. Right now I’m wearing the Rice Pudding and Rum Soaked Raisins…it’s so spicy, I love it!

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