Tutorial: Dry Bantu Knot Out on Natural Hair

Deets and results after the jump!!

Products Used:
Blow Out: Emtage Oil (Check out How I Blow Out My Hair athttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=acXRlloJxlM)
Bantu Knots: B.A.S.K. Palm Tapioca Deluxe Hair Cream
Goody Hair Elastics (Optional)

And here are the results…

Product Used: HerbnLife Butterfly Gold

Some pitchas…

12 thoughts on “Tutorial: Dry Bantu Knot Out on Natural Hair

  1. meshia says:

    does this style look nice on meduim length hair and short as it do like your hair?
    best one i have seen soo far btw

    • Elle says:

      I can’t say, I never tried it when my hair was shorter. Thank you though – I think I saw some other tutorials on YT where people had shorter hair too.

  2. Mrs. H says:

    Love the bantu knot out Elle! Just wanted to stop by and give you much love. I transitioned for 16months, till I happened to stumble upon one of your vids on YT when Izzy was in the TWA stage. Girl I took a scissors to my head and haven’t looked back since. (Yes I eventually got it all cleaned up by a professional cause my cutting skills aren’tt great). I just wanted to commend you on this blog and your FB page. I check in religiously. Your reviews and opinions are always real and down to earth and have been a great help to me in picking products now that I’m 100% natural. Your explaination on dews helped a LOT!!! I’m in Miami, tested it out for myself and am starting to know what works when for me. Thanks for being you and all you do!

    • Elle says:

      Thank you so much. 🙂 I’m really happy that the blog has been helpful to you. And I definitely had to get my big chopped cleaned up as well, lol!

  3. Amanda says:

    Hi Elle,
    So a few quick questions, how long did the style last? If longer than a day how did you get it to stay overnight (ie how did you wrap it, if you did in fact wrap it). Your awesome by the way!

    • Elle says:

      Right now I’m on day two and I wore my hair in four buns to sleep.The curls are pretty stretched but imo it’s wearable. And thanks!

    • Elle says:

      It’s holding up fairly well (much better than the last one), especially considering that our dew is 54 and I outside for about 45 min walking.

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