4 thoughts on “Stay in Your Lane and Shutup!

  1. Danyale says:

    I totally agree. As if their comments good or bad make any difference on what I do with my hair. Had a guy im dating say he likes my hair (or I can pull off that look and not everyone can) but he thinks I look better with straight hair. Who cares what he thinks! He met me with natural hair…so he need to get over it.

    • Elle says:

      Yes, totally! I mean I’m not trying to be mean, but a compliment does not make my day, and an insult does not break my day. I have had men tell me that they don’t like natural hair but they like *my* hair…and I’m like…boy, bye.

  2. itsallgood says:

    I love how you said you told the guy your dating ” Why I don’t care what you think about my natural hair”, even with friends they annoy me too, like when they give me advice, or tell me about my hair i’m thinking like girl I don’t care about your opinion, Like byeeeee!!! lol

  3. writegirl1 says:

    I’m with you, Elle! The feminist blogs call that “mansplaining.” Men can be so ridiculous, just trying to get their mugs on your channel, ha! I had a guy in the subway station say “I love black women with natural hair.” AAAANNND?! I do as well, and that is why my hair is natural…get it? SCRAM!!

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