Elle Goes on Strike!

I’ve decided to conduct my own personal protest in light of the Trayvon Martin issue (personal as in, no one will care but oh well, lol). I am ceasing all hair activity (no blogs, videos, Twitter/Facebook hair speak) until George Zimmerman is arrested. Hope to “see” you guys soon!

And while you’re here, please go to change.org and sign Trayvon’s parents’ petition to bring his murderer to justice. http://www.change.org/petitions/prosecute-the-killer-of-our-son-17-year-old-trayvon-martin



20 thoughts on “Elle Goes on Strike!

  1. Allison C. says:

    I will not even acknowledge Paul’s statement…yesterday was a good day…George Z. is in police custody for 2nd Degree Murder…hopefully it will not take forever to go to trial (if they even decide to go).

    It was nice to see people come together in non-violent protest though…

    It’s sad that a young mans life had to be taken but I truly hope justice is served and his death is not in vain.

  2. Paul says:

    If Trayvon Martin didn’t want to get shot, maybe he shouldn’t have been casing houses in a gated community he didn’t live in, and maybe he shouldn’t have picked a fight with the neighborhood watchman. For Christ’s sake people, do some actual research on this case. Martin attacked Zimmerman first. Trayvon was a thief and a thug who got what he deserved.

    • Elle says:

      Wow! I didn’t know you were right there during the altercation!!! You should definitely go to the cops with your witness testimony! *P.S. Trayvon was staying with his dad in the community, so yes, he did belong there. Now who needs to do some research?

  3. Anonymous says:

    I just love this…any stand, no matter how small, is a stand. We must stand up to this injustice. This could easily be one of our sons, cousins, relatives. We must show them that we do matter…our lives matter. I’m with you Elle.

  4. Anjelica "CrescentcityQT" Hall says:

    I signed the petition Sunday night. Proud of what you are doing Elle, we all need to do something in honor of his memory. I think I might give up all FB activity.

  5. Neecy says:

    Hi Elle, I have signed the petition and have posted the link to my FB page. Very good reason to take a stand, even if it’s a small one 🙂

  6. Tammy says:

    I agree Elle. I am praying that justice is served for his family. This is a travesty and such a sad situation. I will be signing the petition as well.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I agree Elle. Justice must be served for this travesty! I will be signing the petition as well. Such a sad situation.

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