In Review: MYDNA Product Line (

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Products in this video include:

Monoi de Tahiti Moisture Rich Shampoo
Pros: n/a
Cons: Stripping/Tangled Hair/Smell

Shea Monoi de Tahiti Detangling Conditioner
Pros: Smell
Cons: Drying/Slip Diminished

Honeybee Leave-In Conditioner
Pros: Moisturizes Hair (ie, water based)
Cons: Smell/Couldn’t tell a difference/Not moisturizing enough to alleviate dry hair

Shea Monoi Honey Butter
Pros: Smell/Decreases some frizz
Cons: Drying/Coating

Shea Monoi Serum
Pros: Smooths frizz on dry hair/Heat protectant/Shine
Cons: Smell/Can build up

4 thoughts on “In Review: MYDNA Product Line (

  1. rose says:

    i’m a bit of a organic chemisty geek so i’m one of the few naturals who doesn’t mind the scientific name or layman name. that said, a bad product is a bad product and i think you reviewed it fairly on all the other points.

    but what was up with that youtuber saying that your recent reviews were negative? did she not see the previous product review?

    • Elle says:

      Yea, I had to look up the ingredients because I didn’t want to “bash” them for not being natural when several of the ingreds are actually just INCI. But there is still some “iffy” stuff in there. But on the bright side, I got to learn some things! 🙂

      As for that comment…nonsensical things like that make my chest hurt. That is all I will say. lol.

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