Suicide: An Original Stage Play Opens on Saturday!

Last week, my friend and I attended the media viewing for a new stage production in Los Angeles about “addiction, delusion, and self-destruction.” What I saw (they didn’t give everything away to us, haha) was really good – it was very dramatic, but still had some funny parts (I swear we got the BEST quote from it and I will definitely be using it in the future!!). I’m going to catch it in full next Saturday I think, so I wanted to share the info. I need to start going to the theater more, because I really love it.

Through spoken word poetry, along with conversational dialogue, Suicide is a uniquely designed stage tale that is told in a fantastical, mystifying, and modern method about a young woman struggling with addiction. Her hallucinations take her on a journey into her painful past, her overlooked present, and into the intimate settings of her friends, foes, and loved ones as she witnesses how her poisonous being affects their decisions and livelihoods. Suicide is sure to leave audiences ADDICTED and wanting more…

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Check out for upcoming shows (Push looks good too) and information.

P.S. One of the characters has a BADASS fro too. Just a little bonus there.

P.P.S. Yes, I’m still on my little protest…but technically, this post isn’t about hair (and the show will only be running for a few weeks).