Question of the Day: Wash and Gos, Foamy Hair, and Spots O’ Product

Q: Hi Elle! What up? I have been doing alot more wash n go’s lately and I love them, but I’ve come across a couple issues that I wondered if you could help with! 1. I’ve tried to use the Curl Junkie Curl Queen gel and it always foams up on me. Do you have any tips on using this gel to prevent that (maybe it’s just me). 2. Any tips of getting rid of those little white spots of gel/leave-in leftover from applying product? Seems no matter how much I try to smooth in the products I always get them. :-/


A: 1. Re: Curl Queen – if it foams up and doesn’t go away rather quickly, you are most likely using too much. I’ve had this foam on my several times (kind of the nature of the gel), but it goes away in about five minutes. Using a finisher, like Curls in a Bottle, may also help “clear” your hair up. 2. If you have spots, you are either using too much product or need to clarify. If you only cowash, I recommend washing with a shampoo to remove excess buildup, especially if you use butters and pomades. I used to have this issue when I did a lot of cowashing and didn’t really wash my hair, even with my HG products like Kiss My Face Upper Management Gel. When I started washing weekly and using CJ Daily Fix in the middle of the week, I didn’t have this issue anymore. Also, you can see if a leave-in and gel will react if you mix the two in your hand before applying them to your hair – if the mixture gets chunky, it will most likely make those icky spots in your hair.

Hope that helps!



3 thoughts on “Question of the Day: Wash and Gos, Foamy Hair, and Spots O’ Product

  1. Johnna says:

    Thank ya much! 🙂 I knew you would have some helpful tips for me! 🙂 I think I’ll start with shampooing more often- I bet that is a big part of my issue bc I have been co-washing more instead of shampooing lately. Have a good day!

  2. desibee says:

    Great info! I ❤ your QOTD! On a different note… I see that this Jersey Shore guy apparently uses La Bella Gel which I too use and love so dearly…. BUT If they are using him for promotion I might have to change gels just because of their poor marketing tastes— then again, it is really cheap gel- so I guess I shouldn't expect much from their marketing…. LOL! Where did that pic come from? 😀

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