Flatiron Your Natural Hair in One Pass (How I Straighten)

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Products Used:
Carol’s Daughter Chocolat Smoothing Blow Dry Cream –http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oxDnTfDecNE
Emtage Silktage Serum – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b5DBr5Xt2yw
Sedu Flat Iron (1.5 inches) (Heat Mat was free with purchase)
Croc Iron Comb
Alligator Clips
*You can buy all of these appliances at Folica.com*

How To Blow Out Natural Hair – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=acXRlloJxlM
*The key for me is to get the hair as smooth as possible before flat ironing – when I ironed twists, it was much much difficult to get my hair straight in one pass and the hair was more tangled and got caught in the iron comb a few times.*

4 thoughts on “Flatiron Your Natural Hair in One Pass (How I Straighten)

  1. SheShe says:

    Elle, I’ve been dying to know what your wrist tattoo says. Sometimes it looks like it’s on your left wrist, then another video looks like it’s on your right wrist. Is it permanent? It looks good though. Sorry for being nosey! 🙂

  2. dachychile says:

    Thank you! I def will go to the site now 🙂 I love ur videos and ur hair is gorgeous! Hopefully my ‘transition’ won’t be to bad…lawd knows I don’t want to chop it all off…my head won’t look cute in a short style. LOLOL 🙂 Thanks agaiN!

  3. dachychile says:

    Hi I’m wondering what suggestions you would have for me. I have just passed my shoulders length hair, last relaxer was in January, and I am looking to transition to all natural WITHOUT doing the big chop! Right now I’m dealing with a lot of breakage so I am trying to find something to help stop that. But I’m wondering what tips you can provide for someone like me who doesn’t want to do a BC yet wants the same length and results that you have? 🙂

    • Elle says:

      Try exploring the new CD site – transitioningmovement.com. They have a lot of articles about transitioning, preventing breakage, and moisturizing the two textures you have. I know that’s probably not the answer you wanted, but it’s a really good site and I think it’s important for people to experiment and explore different methods to see what works for them, and there is more info about transitioning there than there is on this site b/c I didn’t really transition. hth!

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