Question of the Day: Honeyquat

Question: What is honeyquat?

Answer: Basically, honeyquat (INCI: Hydroxypropyltrimonium Honey) is a conditioning agent that is derived from honey, so it has many of the same properties – it adds moisture to your hair and serves as a strong humectant (meaning, it draws moisture to your hair – even more than honey and glycerin). It penetrates the hair shaft and also contributes to shine and luster (just like honey!). I know that the name sounds kind of funny, especially the INCI name, but it’s labeled a natural ingredient. IMO, it’s pretty much the same thing as honey but it’s been altered so it’s easier to work with and doesn’t smell like honey. I certainly don’t shy away from products that contain this ingredient.

Honeyquat can be purchased from several cosmetic ingredients sites, such as Wholesale Supplies Plus, Lotioncrafters, and Ingredients to Die For.


9 thoughts on “Question of the Day: Honeyquat

  1. jaecamille says:

    Since honeyquat draws in more moisture than honey & glycerin, do you also avoid using products with this ingredient when the dew point isn’t optimal?

  2. naturallycurlyq says:

    Hi Elle! How did you use the CD Healthy Hair Butter? I used it last night along with my other regimen products and my hair was so dry this AM. Cowash with Tresseme Naturals, Leave In TJ Tea Tree Tingle Condish, Coconut Water and Healthy Hair Butter. I washed out the Tresseme Naturals that contains alcohol. Really works the Hair Butter on my ends. Researching but wanted to know your thoughts. 🙂

    • Elle says:

      That’s something that would be best for you to look up yourself – I haven’t memorized the ingredients of all the products I have tried.

    • Elle says:

      I don’t use it…I’ve never bought it. It’s in some of my products though (conditioning type products mainly, it’s not oil soluble).

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