Transitioning? Win Carol’s Daughter’s Transitioning 1-2-3 Kit!

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*This is not a full review, it’s an intro video and giveaway.*

Kits are now available on the Carol’s Daughter website.

It contains:
Purifying Extra Gentle Cleanser, 4 fl oz
Renewing Scalp Spray, 4 fl oz
Restoring Anti-Breakage Treatment, 5.5 fl oz

Five winners will be selected based on their answers in the comments. I will announce winners on July 10, 2012. Good luck and HHJ!

3 thoughts on “Transitioning? Win Carol’s Daughter’s Transitioning 1-2-3 Kit!

  1. Yovanna says:

    Guten Tag, Elle! I have a question about build-up. I have very dry (scab)hair & I moisturize/ oil often and workout 4-5x week and I’m concerned about build-up. What is the best way to cleanse my hair without shampooing or drying it out too much? Sometimes I feel that when I co-wash, I may be actually weighing it down more…any suggestions? Thaaaaaank!Yovanna 🙂

  2. Ebony says:

    I decided on 10/22/11 that I will no longer be a slave to my salon or the creamy crack. This decision was made when I was sitting in the stylist chair getting my hair flat ironed after coming from under the dryer an hour before. As I sat there my 14 year old daughter was sitting across from me with her natural mane, that she had just decided in June of 2011 to let grow out naturally from the perms that I had subjected her to from 5 years of age. I figured if my teenage daughter could do it and still go to a permed out, materialistic, fashion conscious high school with all of her natural type 4a,b, and a lot of c hair and not blink an eye, well gosh darn it I could to. So here I type 7 months later with half kinky half yuck hoping to win this kit before my projected Independence Day (BC)7/4.

    • Elle says:

      Thank you! Please post this in the comments section of the YouTube video for entry, I’m only going to look through those.

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