In Review: Curls Goddess Curls

This product is available at Sally Beauty Supply and Target.

Pros: Frizz control/no protein or glycerin/light hold/may hold nice for a twist out/no buildup/mixed well with other combos
Cons: Mediocre moisture/multi-day hair is questionable/application slip is only okay

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2 thoughts on “In Review: Curls Goddess Curls

  1. Loren Beth Sammons says:

    Hi, I’m newly natural 2 months in post BC and I’m having major moisture issues, I have two carts on websites one with curl junkie products and the other with hair rules. I live in high humidity 100% most days. My hair is growing like a weed, but as it gets longer and more humid I have frizz and dryness. I’ve been following you because your curl pattern seems to be identical to my own and I was wondering if you tried any “hair rules” products and what you think of them since they aren’t in your HG products? Thanks for all your updates they have helped a lot!

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