Rosemary Challenge Check-In (Three Weeks)

I’ve been doing my Rosemary Challenge for the past three weeks, and I must say…easiest challenge evAr! Since I seal my hair every time I wet style it anyway, it’s been simple to use oils/moisturizers with rosemary. The main products I have been using are:

  • Carol’s Daughter Healthy Hair Butter (I also did a nice set of twists with this – see below)
  • Tropical Traditions Rosemary Organic Coconut Hair Oil
  • Ingredients to Die For VegeMink Mix
  • Knotty Girl Vanilla Cupcake Leave-In (I’m all out of this – sadness)
  • HerbNLife Head Sprung (I actually had to put this away because the WEN was getting NO PLAY, I ❤ Head Sprung)

Now, I honestly can’t say I have seen a huge difference in my hair, but it seems like I am retaining length well, and I rarely see a single strand knot (SSK). I also bought some rosemary EO and added more to my VegeMink oil mix (it was only $5!!), and sometimes I put the  mix on my temples because I love the tingle and it relaxes me.

Last week, I also did a set of twists with the Health Hair Butter (well, I used other stuff too b/c I was comparing, but the HHB was used on the majority of my hair) that I really liked. I was scared that my hair wouldn’t be conditioned enough because the main ingredients are water, butters, and oils, but I think the moisture was locked it well and my hair didn’t feel dry four days later. My hair was also smooth and shinier than usual (my hair is not silky and does not have a lot of natural shine). Check out the result!

For now, I am enjoying this challenge and will definitely continue. If you joined me, how you doin’? *Wendy Williams voice*


12 thoughts on “Rosemary Challenge Check-In (Three Weeks)

  1. Tynisha Campbell says:

    So far I have had less shedding. I have added the rosemary oil to my aloe vera juice that I have been using every day as a finisher and so far so good *thumbs up*

  2. Nativida says:

    I haven’t been very diligent with the challenge because I seal with my Oyin burnt sugar pomade because I just love the smell and and felt my rosemary eo would clash lol.

  3. Maneland Hair Nursery says:

    I’m still trying to figure out how to seal w/a wng. Do you seal as you go, section by section, while wet or do something once dried? I asked this question on your facebook page as well.

  4. Simone says:

    Hey Elle, I mixed rosemary EO with olive oil and have been sealing my ends with it. I also use it under my leave-in for my wash-n-gos. I haven’t seen a big difference yet.

  5. Debackers05 says:

    I’d love to be part of this challenge with you, but I’m a fairly new subbie and am too busy trying all the other products I just bought based off your product reviews and favs. 🙂 I’m loving them all so far. Thank you for making me laugh and feel more confident in my hair styling and product purchases.

  6. akismet-55a8298004f0b2233df0255fdaa80297 says:

    Hey Elle ::HowYOUdoin’?..I’m doin real goooood::
    Got some Genie Locs (Yarn braids) so I’m no longer in the ‘retaining length’ challenge..however, I still use Rosemary EO in my own oil blend and had been adding it to my scalp even prior to the braids…let’s see how it goes in the growth prrrrocess..(that is a rrrrrolling ‘R’) :)…

  7. Carla Rose says:

    I love rosemary EO. I use it primarily on my scalp via some of my custom oil blends or my Uncle Harry\’s Natural Products Herbal Coconut Oil which has rosemary in it. I will be more consistent with it going forward.

  8. naturallycurlyq says:

    Been doing it here and there but I think I need to get some products I really love. The CD Hair Butter is just too heavy for me and I prefer an oil. Just going to do my own and infused it with Olive Oil. Wish I got the Rosemary TT Coconut Oil. Hear that it’s lovely. 😉

  9. Nikki Atkins says:

    I’ve been sealing my ends with the healthy hair butter for the past 2 and a half months, and I’ve noticed a huge difference in the overall health of my hair! My hair doesn’t snag on my clothes anymore, and I rarely ever get ssk! #loving my thick, juicy curls!

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