Elle’s Top Five Indie Companies for Hair and Body

Today, there are so many product companies that market towards natural hair that it can get a little overwhelming (I’m sure you are aware!). And unfortunately, what is readily available is not a direct reflection of quality. No, I’m not saying that all of the products we can buy in Target or the drugstore are crappy, but there are some gems (in my opinion) that you may be missing because you can’t drive down the street and pick it up. In this list, I am providing my personal favorites, but please, DO NOT run to their sites and order the entire line because I give them a shoutout. Like always, I highly encourage you to check out their ingredients lists and reviews on the products on the web to determine if it’s something you’d like to try. Now that that’s out of the way – here’s the list!!

1. B.A.S.K. (Beauty Assortment for the Sun Kissed): If you love products that smell like dessert, B.A.S.K. just may become a favorite of yours. The scents are absolutely decadent, the ingredients are great, and several of the products have multiple uses (like the body creams you can also use on your hair). I personally like the body products better than the hair products, but the line is certainly worth a try. Must Haves: Muscavado Vanilla and Pecan Body Sugar Sorbet, Palm Tapioca Deluxe Hair Cream, Whipped Custard Souffle Body Cream

2. ReVe Essentials: It seems like people are either loving or hating these products, and luckily for me, I’m on the love side, because the prices are great and the shipping is fair. I especially love that Eve and Rebecca offer their products in a number of scents, and even offer an unscented option to those who are sensitive to smells. ReVe is fairly new to the game, and I look forward to seeing where these ladies take their brand – the potential is certainly there! If you like sweet smells, I have to recommend the Strawberry scent. It smells like Kool-Aid, which is absolutely perfect for summer. Must Haves: Hair & Body Moisturizer, Hair & Body Butter

3. Camille Rose Naturals: Overall, I’d have to say this is one of the most moisturizing lines I have ever used. If you are in need of some moisture – you really can’t go wrong!! There are also some unique ingredients used by this brand – no boring shea butter mixes here! The products are also available at great online stores like AveYou and Sage Naturalceuticals, so you can stock up on different brands at the same time. FTW! Must Haves: Curl Love Moisture Milk, Almond Jai Twisting Butter

4. Solstice Scents: If you haven’t heard me gushing about Solstice Scents, you MUST be hiding under a rock. Angela’s perfume blends are absolutely awesome, with a wide range of scents from gourmand to woodsy to floral. The only problem is that she comes out with seasonal blends, so you have to stock up before they’re gone. The good news? The perfume roll ons last forever. Must Haves (from the general catalog, because otherwise it’s just not fair, lol): Violet Truffle, Black Forest (for a nice mix of woodsy and gourmand together – it’s not for everyone though), Cocoa Mallow 

5. Curl Junkie: Yep, I’m still counting Curl Junkie as an indie company, although Marsha has quite the cult following. I was thinking about this the other day while I was doing my hair – CJ seriously has the best conditioners ever (for me). Just superb; even the protein treatment feels moisturizing. Although my CJ staples come and go, the line certainly holds a special place in my heart. It can be hard to get CJ on the ground, but it’s definitely readily available online (like at AveYou). Must Haves: Curls in a Bottle, Beauticurls Argan and Olive Oil Daily Conditioner, Repair Me!


**Disclaimer: These lines did not solicit me to mention their brand in this post, I absolutely 100% came up with this list on my own. I use all of the products mentioned and have purchased them with my own money. Also, this list does not represent the ONLY great indie companies out there.**

11 thoughts on “Elle’s Top Five Indie Companies for Hair and Body

  1. Dev Cooper (@JustSoHappyToBe) says:

    I just love Curl Junkie; their products are fantastic, and I never have any problems with orders. 🙂
    I *really* wanted to feel the same way about B.A.S.K. after see one of your reviews, but I’ve just have one problem after another trying to order from them (And they never answered the email I sent asking for help about it). Makes me now not quite trust doing business with them which is unfortunate because I otherwise had never had apprehensions about dealing with small, independent companies. :-/ (If they ever sell through AveYou or CurlMart, I may give BASK a try though.)

    • Elle says:

      Wow, that stinks – I’ve only had good customer service with them. I know their site has had some issues but they were updating customers via Facebook on when they would be solved and how they can order. Not sure if that is what you are referring to though.

  2. Shannon says:

    I LOVE Curl Junkie! Everything I’ve tried has been better than decent, and the argan oil conditioner is my favorite product right now. And the only place in my state that sells CJ happens to be just down the street from me 🙂

  3. Curly Queen says:

    I should have bought the Camille Rose products when I was at the Natural Hair Show. Their packaging alone makes me want to try their products.

  4. Kamiele says:

    I just purchased the Camille Rose moisture milk today…prior to reading this post!!!! Hope it’s fab!!!!

  5. Ro says:

    I love reve creme brûlée ! Bask yam nectar and the tapioca cream is great! CR almond jai.. Yes baby! I have not tried curl junkie!

  6. naturallycurlyq says:

    Simply love B.A.S.K.!!! Reve is next on the list …thinking about Creme Brule…have you tried it?! Oh and just did my CJ haul like 2 weeks ago. Yeah… i’m on the scent train…

  7. IkilaMarie says:

    I feel soo in-the-know b/c Im not only familar with all of these but own (and LOVE) all of them. The only one I have yet to try is Soltice Scents but its on my “to-try” list! Thanks Elle for making me feel like a cool kid with the pumped up kicks. HAHA!

  8. CC says:

    I totally agree with your list!! Some of my favorites as well. It works great on my thick, fine, curly hair.

  9. Keya says:

    I never tried the solistice line but everything else I have over two products from each line Im so in love with bask, cj has the best conditioners,Reve is so mosturizing and the scents AWESOME and the customer service is so great, camille rose ia great too very mosturizing everything you review I pick up your reviews have never let me down thanks for your knowledge my hair is awesome cause of it!

  10. Renita says:

    All but one are my faves on my hair! Have yet to try Solstice but the others rock on my hair! Almost have no need for anything else!

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