QOTD: Salvaging a Styler that Doesn’t Work for You!

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Gist of this video:
– Stylers are more annoying than other kinds of products when you want to use them for something else
– A moisturizing gel too light for you can be used as a finisher to loosen up a harder hold gel
– A gel that doesn’t have enough moisture can be mixed with a leave-in to make a creamier gel
– A thicker gel can be mixed with conditioner and oil to make a curl pudding
– Before mixing, always test a little bit in your hand to see how the two products play with one another
– Check the ingredients to all products to make sure you aren’t giving yourself too much of one ingredient you may be sensitive to (like proteins or humectants)
– The combinations given in this video are just primary examples, please experiment on your own to figure out what combos work for you! 🙂

Make sense? Yay!

Holy Grails: http://bit.ly/MjS3LK
Regimen: http://bit.ly/KFQeOl


3 thoughts on “QOTD: Salvaging a Styler that Doesn’t Work for You!

  1. sunflowernbklyn says:

    This was a great post and very helpful. I’m a reformed pj and would be left with tons of products that didn’t work as they were intended but this gives me another opportunity to try them out, I’ve all ready turned two combined products into a great, great deep conditioner. I mixed the Olin burnt sugar pomade with the shipped pudding and if you leave it on from 1/2 hour to like 2 or 3 your hair will be super soft and shiny.

  2. Sharon Capel (@SharonCapel) says:

    I recently did this with 2 products that were sitting in my closet that absolutely did not work: Garnier Fructis Pure Clean Smoothing Cream & L.A. Looks Polish Perfect Gel. I mixed first in my hand and the mix was immediately smooth and creamy. I used this on damp hair that was moisturized first with a butter, then smoothed this mixture into my hair before braiding it. I have 4c hair, texture, but no real curl pattern, coarse, very wirey hair and I found this mixture to respond very favorably, loosening (a bit) and smoothing my hair texture. I always apply a bit of plain flaxseed gel to help distribute product before braiding. The ratio I used was 2:1, smoothing cream:polish perfect. But on my second try, I did a 50:50 mix in a cup. I have to say this worked surprisingly well and I will probably be able to use these products up, finally. I will repurchase if it continues to work. BTW, nothing, and I mean nothing smooths my hair. This came as close to smoothing my hair as is possible considering my hair texture. A really good video since I have a lot of failed producst on my shelf. Thanks!

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