Rosemary Challenge – Yep, I’m Still Going! (Eight – Nine Weeks)

I’ve been sticking with my rosemary challenge for two months now, and it’s really been easy as pie. I have several products that include rosemary and I can easily add rosemary EO to my oil mixes and seal with them. Also, I have added a few products that I’ve bought over the past couple of months, which include:

  • Beija Flor Naturals Creme Brulee (more of a butter and better for sealing, not as a leave-in)
  • Shescentit Deshani Scalp Elixir (I won this in a Facebook contest and just got it yesterday so I haven’t really used it)
  • Generic Version of Paul Mitchell “The Conditioner” (Haven’t really used this one yet)

Now…for my hair. Lately, I’ve had a lot less shedding, but this should not be due to my rosemary challenge, because I mainly apply it to my ends. But…I do have some leave-ins that have rosemary, like my Replenishing Mist, HerbNLife, and Knotty Girl, that certainly get on my scalp, so who really knows? At the same time, I’ve been drinking apple cider vinegar drinks as an overall health and detox drink, so that may be affecting it as well. It’s interesting – sometimes we use something for one benefit, yet receive more! But…it makes it difficult to gauge my challenge results… 😦

Breakage due to mechanical manipulation has decreased as well – I used to get (or see) less than ten broken hairs when I finger comb or comb my hair in the shower, and now it seems to be less than five.

However, I just trimmed my hair yesterday because I thought my ends looked frizzy, but honestly, I instantly regretted it after I cut my first section, because after a blow out (before flat ironing) my ends are ALWAYS frizzy! But then, I told myself to shutup because my ends ARE old (obviously years old) and I hadn’t done a trim since March 2, and I need to cut the red out anyway. Next time though…I’m going to flat iron and examine my ends totally straight before I reach for the scissors.

After blowing out and trimming my hair, I did a set of smaller twists to keep in for at least a week – it’s like 85 degrees right now, which I LOVE, but I do NOT love my hair on my neck and shoulders! Between washing/conditioning, blow drying, and twisting, my hair took like five hours (although I took a break to take my dog out and hang out a little)!!! So I’m definitely trying to keep these in until my scalp gets icky. I was also sure to use my Emtage when I ran the blow dryer over my hair to “finish” it, and will oil my ends to lubricate them every couple of days with one of my rosemary oils. The results…


Catch you all on the flip side…xoxo

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    • Elle says:

      I don’t really have any rhyme or reason to it, that’s why there is no vid. I don’t care about it being even b/c my hair is usually curly, so I just eyeball the amount I want and snip!

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