Question of the Day/FAQ: Twists on Blown Out Natural Hair (Method and Maintenance)

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In summary:
1) Blow dry hair as normal. (Tutorial:
2) Apply a creamy water-based moisturizer to the ends ONLY to twirl/set the hair (Twist Tut:
3) Sleep with hair in a bun w/ a satin scarf on.
3) If your twists get fuzzy while wearing them, you can smooth down frizz with a lighter gel sparingly and put on your satin scarf before bed.
4) My scalp was itchy so I decided to wet it (I know that some people use tea tree oil or Seabreeze, but I *wanted* to wet my scalp).
5) Apply moisturizer to the length of twists after wetting and put them in a bun for bed.
6) Take twists down – they were not dry and shrank some, but were still pretty!

That’s all! xoxo

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