Easy Protective Styling for Natural Hair: The Cornucopia

Please read deets below!

I didn’t wear this style out when I did the tutorial, but I wore it earlier and even took a nap – it wasn’t uncomfortable at all (for me)!

– Leave some hair out in the front on the opposite side you are braiding on
– Do a side fishtail braid
– Once the braid is complete, bring it forward and up to tuck it into your twists
– Secure with bobby pin
– On the loose side, do a braid or twist to group the hair
– Tuck that hair into your braid to bring it all together

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2 thoughts on “Easy Protective Styling for Natural Hair: The Cornucopia

  1. Brielle Haylee (@BHaylee) says:

    I was wondering how long your “in-between stage” lasted. my hair shrinks to about right under ear length with my wash n go and shoulder length when straightened. So it isnt long but it isnt short either, do you know what I mean by in-between/ awkward, im saying like when it isnt long but isnt short either lol like medium length.

    • Elle says:

      I have no idea – I kind of use my blog/YT to track my progress, so the best thing to do is unfortunately extremely tedious – to look at a video when my hair was (or looked like) as long as your now then compare with another video passing that stage.

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