In Review: Karen’s Body Beautiful Hold It Hair Gel w/ Argan Oil (KBB Giveaway)

Please read the details below! – Ingredients are listed out in full on the KBB site

Pros: Goes on with nice shine/Ingredients/Rinses out easily
Cons: Crunch/Dull/Doesn’t seem moisturizing when dry/Flaked in hair and on skin
Verdict: I think the ingredients are great and the consistency is interesting, but this gel didn’t work for me at all. I tried it multiple times and with different types of leave-ins, and the result was never positive. I think I ended up washing it out of my hair before leaving the house the other times I had used it, perhaps that’s why I didn’t have the flaking issue.

Note: This is not meant to be any kind of bashing towards KBB as a whole – this SPECIFIC product just did not work for me, and I shared my experience. This does not mean that KBB sucks or there aren’t other products from the line that I like. This does not mean that this product won’t work for someone else, as everyone’s hair is different, we live in different climates, etc. I am not telling you that you should not buy this product. If this were reformulated, I’d probably try it again. If you like the product, and would like to share your personal experience, please, feel free. But if you’d like to argue with me about how I am bashing a black business, please exit stage left. xoxo

If you have a question about this review, please let me know!

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FTC: This product was provided to me by Curls of Joy for review.

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