QFTPC & The Product Review

Please feel free to ask any questions about this video or express any concerns you have in the comments!

Again, the purpose of my channel is not to make you buy more products, it’s to provide you with information so you can make more informed decisions about what you want to buy. It’s all about being a smart consumer! Heck, I don’t even mention what products I use in pics and vids unless it’s for the review (which I know some of you cannot STAND) because I don’t want to encourage people to buy products based on how my hair looks alone. I want to inform (and communicate with) you, not herd you.


5 thoughts on “QFTPC & The Product Review

  1. Lizzi Sofge says:

    Thanks for responding Elle. I am going to do further research to figure out what is the problem protein. Will look at your video as well.
    My hair hates, hates:
    Kiss my face Gel
    CJ Repair me
    Shea Butter Leave In
    Eco Styler
    Trader Joes Tea Tree – no slip AT ALL
    African Black Soap Purification Mark – not sure if it is in your HG

    It is actually exciting figuring this out. I feel like I am getting closer to creating a list of my own and to a hair that I can love and manage. Tried the TRESemme Naturals conditioners this morning and my hair LOVES it – let the choir sing!

  2. Lizzi Sofge says:

    Guilty! Found your website, saw your hair (love it) and got almost everything on your HG to later find out that almost everything DID NOT work for my hair!!! LOL.
    Did not see it as a negative thing actually. Since the BC in 2009 I thought that my hair was just a “horrible brillo” super dry and hard to manage. By using your HG products I finally realized that my issue was sensitivity to protein – since your hair loves it. I had a really loud AHA moment in the shower a couple of weeks back, I was sooooo happy. Now I know! It was money well spent (lots of it) and now my sister and daughter have an amazing stock of products and I know what my hair likes/needs WIN WIN.

    • Elle says:

      Lol um…my hair is actually protein sensitive! It depends on the type of protein (I did a video on it) – I don’t use a lot of strengthening proteins but incorporate softening proteins into my routine more. Most of my HGs do not contain protein unless they are a PT (like CJ Repair Me!).

      • teyapostma says:

        Hello Dear, If detangling is my priority of all hair priorities what is your most slippery encounter thus far. Mine is Terax Crema but its just not feasible(hope spelt right). My hair is to long and too dense I use about 80% of the whole bottle on first use.

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