Join Me! QFTPC Live Feed Tonight at 6pm ET

Hey boos! It’s an “off” week for QFTPC videos, but we’re taking it live! Log onto YouTube at 6pm ET and visit my channel at – we will be discussing the coconut oil challenge, more coconut oil products, and techniques. The feed will run until 7pm ET, so if you have a free hour, come play!


2 thoughts on “Join Me! QFTPC Live Feed Tonight at 6pm ET

  1. leahmarieoverstreet says:

    Hi Elle,
    Thank you for all your passionate research; the products you have recommended have been spot on! Unfortunately, I committed an act of hubris and thought my beautiful mane could respond well to color. WRONG! My once lovely tendrils, turned into one hot frizz mess. Whatever I do, my hair mats. I am starting to realize my mane might be a lost cause, any recommendations before I schedule a “Cut the Pain Away” hair cut? Also, please feel free to direct message me. Thanks again for being my hair hero!

    P.S. I also notice you have a great eye for accessories, would you have any interest in contributing to a fashion blog?

    • Elle says:

      Hey Leah, I’m just seeing this, so sorry! Not sure if you decided to cut your hair, but IMO matting is usually due to extreme dryness and/or raised cuticles from dyeing, so the best thing to do is deep conditioning mixed with protein. I personally like a protein treatment with heavy conditioners when I dye, and have a few vids/tips about dye aftercare on my blog/YT.

      As for the fashion blog inquiry, I LOVE fashion and think that writing for a fashion blog would be awesome, but I barely have enough time to update my own blog right now. 😦 If you have additional details though, feel free to send them to me at and I’ll see if it’s something I can pull off.

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