What Izzy’s “Wet” Day is Like

Okay, so I know your first question…what the heck is “wet” day? Nothing really, it’s just what I call the days I wet my hair without cleansing it (wash day). What actually happens could be a variety of things (conditioning, deep conditioning, oil rinsing, water rinsing, etc), but I wanted to briefly review what I did today while it’s still fresh in my mind as a supplement to my regimen. So, here we go!!

1. Clip Izzy (dry hair) into four sections using duck clips.

**Do the following for each of the four sections of hair**

2. Step into shower; wet hair, squeezing water into the length of the hair.

3. Apply oil mix to the length of the hair, concentrating on the ends and lightly separating hair to detangle.

4. Rinse oil from hair.

5. Apply conditioner (with cones to coat for cold weather) to the length of hair (let sit while you apply to other sections).

6. Thoroughly rinse conditioner, lightly finger combing the hair.

7. Clip all the hair up before exiting shower, proceed to wash and go routine:


Aaaaaand we’re done! I hope that sounded simple…right? Yes? If you have questions, let me know!


5 thoughts on “What Izzy’s “Wet” Day is Like

  1. tash099 says:

    Hey Izzy, I love your blog, especially this post. I find it so helpful! For a second I thought every time I wet my hair to do a treatment it had to be washed. Do you pre poo for your “wet days”, and have they contributed to healthier hair for you?

    • Elle says:

      Nothing is really a “no-no” for naturals, everything can have a purpose. No, I don’t get build up — the cones I use are water soluble and I cleanse my hair once a week.

  2. Darnise Martin says:

    I get it. I call it “watering my hair.” It’s not a wash, but my hair gets parched, and needs a watering like a plant, then I usually just add more creamy styler (Jane Carter curl defining crème or Shea Moisture curl enhancing smoothie), and a sealing oil like jojoba or argan.

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