ReVe Essentials Alternatives

I was so sad to hear that ReVe closed, but I know you all need your HGs! So, I went through my stash and picked out some of my faves that might replace the yummy that was ReVe. I’m down to one 16oz of the leave-in. Tears!

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**This video was not done because ReVe products aren’t good or because I don’t like the company. They recently closed last week, unfortunately. Also, the products I own did not contain the most recent names of the products, as my stash was a bit older.**

ReVe Leave In: Oyin Hair Dew –,

ReVe Moisture Creme: Curly Kinks Twist Whip (for twists) –, Oyin Whipped Pudding (dry styles) – (updated review coming soon), Sarenzo Coconut Cream (for dry styles, review coming soon)

ReVe Butter: B.A.S.K. Plantain Spice Warming Body Butter (review coming soon)

Please let me know if you have additional products to list! Also, keep those questions for Question of the Day coming! Our next video will be a QOTD.


FTC: This video is not sponsored.