Question of the Day: Preventing White Flakes When You Wash and Go


Flaky hair is probably the natural woman’s biggest nightmare…well, at least mine (that and dry hair). I’m not talking about “my leave-in and styler didn’t mix and now I have white chunks” flakes. I’m referring to, “my hair looked like while it was drying but I touched it once it dried and now my shoulders look like the North Pole,” flakes. I find these flakes much more offensive because they show up when you think your style is already in the clear. You’re ready to go out and look fly, then decide that one final hair fluff is all you need and… flakes!

Izzy (my hair), is known to have this issue on occasion, which has resulted in me becoming a master in the art of stealthy bathroom applications of oil and/or water to my hair. After one particularly painful episode, I decided that I needed to get to the root of the problem so I could take the proper preventative measures and never have to wipe my leather jacket with a damp paper towel again. Read what I found out over at BGLH!