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I was tagged by the lovely Lydia of LA Curly Girls. Check out her video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gLpZcsf5QKY&list=UUQ11EQqTL3POsWsnGFHcbGQ.

I’m tagging…everyone. lol. Use #wng #qftpc or send me your input on my Facebook!

1. What are your holy grail stylers for your wash n gos?
Elle says: In addition to what’s mentioned in the video, check out my full holy grail list at https://questfortheperfectcurl.com/holy-grail-products-staples/.
2. What is your holy grail moisturizer under your styler?
Elle says: See above!
or Do you apply your styling product in sections?
Elle says: Sections!
3. Do you rake, smooth, shingle, etc.?
Elle says: Darn, I missed this one too! I usually rake and smooth my leave in then mainly smooth my styler so I don’t break my curls up.
4. How long does your wash n gos typically last?
Elle says: Depends on what I used – it could be 1-4 days.
5. How do you preserve your wash n go?
Elle says: Mainly with my Sue Maesta hood (purchased from Ricky’s NYC).
6. Do you get tangles or single strand knots when you do wash n gos?
Elle says: Not really unless I sleep on my hair wrong.
7. Does your climate effect how or when you wear wash n gos?
Elle says: YES! When it’s too humid, I just bun it.
​8. What do you use to seal in the moisture and does this help with decreasing crunch?
Elle says: I like moisture/sealing combinations, so more thick moisturizers rather than straight up oils and butters (although I do use those too). I mainly apply them to my ends so I don’t think it helps with crunch until I’m scrunching out the crunch.
9. Do you style your wash and gos on damp or wet hair?
Elle says: Either or. I’m indifferent.
10. What advice would you give a new natural about wearing their wash and go?
Elle says: Don’t take them too seriously and accept that your wash and go will not look like other people’s. A wash and go is wearing your hair’s natural texture.

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