3 Hair Accessories You Can Easily Rock With Thick Natural Hair

We often see hair vitamins and treatments that claim to increase hair thickness, but sometimes, thick hair isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. I can’t tell you how many headbands, combs and brushes my hair has broken. I tried a HairZing and it was an absolute disaster (seriously, I almost had to cut it out of my hair) and other decorative combs are pointless for styling. I have a vintage-style headwrap that I love, that I also can’t fit over my hair. It’s kind of a bummer to see so many pretty hair accessories that simply don’t work for your hair. Fear not, my thick-haired sisters, these accessories can handle our manes. Check ‘em out!

Bun Pins

bun pin2_natural hair

Bun pins are my absolute latest obsession. These nifty little decorations are meant to be placed in the front of your buns, kind of like a crown, but so not a crown. They’re a great way to dress up an updo for a night out (no boring buns here) or pick one that’s not as glitzy for a more casual look. Bonus – if your hair is thick enough, the comb will totally stay in your hair even without a bun.

Hair Sticks

hair stick_natural hair

When I got my first set of hair sticks as a gift, I doubted the ability of a little, 2-prong stick to hold my hair up. But hey, when I’m wrong, I’m wrong. These have become a staple in my hair styling routine, especially when I need to work out and don’t want to ruin my wash and go with dents from elastics. If you want to get fancy with it, check out online tutorials for cool ways to style your sticks. I personally stick to buns and rolls because I’m style challenged.

Bonus: hair sticks can also help stretch your wash and go (it’s totally my pet peeve when I get back from the gym, but hey, stretched hair is way better than dented hair).

Metal Headbands & Hair Chains

LuvAJ Headband

My biggest issue with headbands is that I always break them because my hair is big. Metal headbands seem kind of scary at first, but they’re a lot sturdier than regular headbands and you can’t stretch them out. Hair chains are also awesome because all you need to do is clip them in your hair and BAM! Instaglam.

So where do you find all these fun accessories? My fave sites to add some pizzazz to my hair are ASOS, Crystal Mood (for hair sticks), Kitsch (for bun pins), and Luv AJ. And remember, you definitely don’t need to have thick hair to wear these accessories.

Do you have any favorite hair accessories?

Note: In some of the comments to this post, it seems that some people are upset about the prices of some of these products – these are simply examples, you do not have to buy these specific items linked and I have seen several that are less expensive. But, I did post links to my favorites, so if you are interested in me doing a post on “Lux Hair Accessories on a Budget” leave me a comment and I’ll be happy to do one. Also, I frequently post random beauty finds on my Facebook page (and have posted some other accessories on there, partly why I didn’t re-post them in my article), so check ’em out in the pic section! xoxo

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