PixieFit Review: Fitbit Flex vs. Misfit Shine

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Battle of the fitness trackers! I’ve been using my Fitbit for about a year and my Shine for about five months.

Battery Life: Winner – Misfit Shine. It has a watch battery that doesn’t need to be replaced for about six months while the Fitbit needs to be charged every five days or so. When I don’t get the email from Fitbit alerting me that my tracker needs to be charged, it’s a nice little surprise that pisses me off.

Appearance: Winner – Misfit Shine. The little disc is definitely cuter than the rubber band. You can also buy jewelry on the site for a nicer look. Tory Burch makes Fitbit pieces, but they are more expensive than the tracker. Fitbit also gives you two sizes of bands but I’m not totally sure this is necessary unless a child is wearing it – my wrists are fairly small and while I have to wear the large band on the last notch, it works fine.

Customer Service: Winner – Fitbit. They will replace your device for free if it malfunctions or if you lose it, while I read that Misfit will only give you a discount to buy another one if you lose theirs.

App Functionality: Winner – Fitbit. While Misfit has made improvements with their app since I’ve purchased mine, Fitbit is still better with automatic syncing, challenges with friends, and accuracy between Androids and iPhones.

Performance: Winner – Fitbit. This one seems to be more accurate with my steps (I’ve tested it while at the gym and walking around to see how my steps register), the desktop feature is a huge plus (with the dongle), and syncing is much easier. However, the Shine is able to be clipped to your shoulder strap or shoe with a magnetic clasp, so this is beneficial if you do other workouts like biking or swimming.

Overall, at this time, I definitely recommend the Flex over the Shine. The Shine will work (I don’t recommend it if you don’t have an iPhone though) just fine if you prefer the look, but I think they need to make some advancements before they can really play in the fitness tracker space. If you’re new to Fitbit, you may want to check out the newer models, I would definitely get one if I didn’t already have two trackers!

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