Love, Light and Big Hair: An Interview with Sienna of Curly Demure


I’ve been following Curly Demure aka Sienna, for years. Her posts are always positive, and she’s taught me a lot about spirituality and energy. AND – her hair is! I talk to her often, but it was cool to learn more about healing and the connection to her hair. Check out what she had to say.

How long have you been practicing spiritual healing? 

S: Well, I have always been around healers. My Mother, My Grandma, and my Great Grandma are all Psychic and have practiced healing of many different forms. I really began working with energy about 15 years ago when I came into understand how my gifts worked.


Why did you decide to take your practices and information online? Your Facebook page is like a niche community.

S: Good Question! I don’t think I really thought about it in that sense. As I began living in my truth everyday with my gifts and working with people off of Facebook I decided to start talking more freely about who I am and what I’m about. I wanted to let people know me authentically and let those that have gifts of their own that they’re not alone.

Where can people find you and what services do you offer?

S: You can find my services on and I offer many services such as Tarot and Oracle readings (my most popular), Connection to Spirit, Custom Made Orgonite devices, Crystal Healing and recommendations, Dream Interpretation, Palm Readings… And more!


What are your favorite aspects of spiritual healing? I see you posting a lot about crystal energy and I love that!

S: I absolutely love Crystal Healing! It’s amazing! To work with pieces of the earth to bring about cleansing and energetic blockages – it’s just so incredible to be able to facilitate that! But to me, my nearest and dearest is connecting to Spirit. That can mean contacting a departed relative, channeling someone’s Spirit Guide or Guardian Angel. This to me is the most special because it highlights my authenticity of this practice. I share messages that I could not have ever known and help heal people through happy tears.


Did your spiritual journey have anything to do with your natural hair? If so, how?

S: I feel like when I found myself my hair was a part of the process. My hair reflects my personality – Free and Wild – Reaching for the stars and touched by the sun.


Piggybacking off of the above, do you feel spiritually connected to wearing your natural hair?

S: I’ve always had a strong connection to my hair. I’m Ramapough Indian and our hair is a strong part of our culture.

Okay, let’s get into hair a bit more. What are your favorite hairstyles and why?

S: I love wash and go’s and braid outs. They give me two different looks – wash and gos show my hair as is and my braid out makes me look fancy!


What type of regimen do you follow? Do you use all natural products?

S: I wash my hair weekly using Aussie Moist Shampoo and Conditioner and use Ajaa’s Natural Hair World’s products as a whole. They have an awesome collection! For my wash and gos I use Eco Styler.

Anything else you’d like to share with readers?

S: Just be you love your hair and continue to shine your internal light.


And now, if you’ll excuse me – I have some crystals to cleanse. Join Sienna on Facebook or at Shine on, QFTPC community!