Elle’s Black Friday Wish List and Discounts

Thanksgiving is a few days away, and you know what that means – Black Friday sales! Although I generally don’t support mainstream companies, I like to use this opportunity to re-up on my favorite hair products as well as try some new things on sale from small businesses. In the years past, I mainly focused on hair products, but this year I’m expanding to all things mind, body, and soul (I think my coat counts too because being cold isn’t good for my soul). Here’s my list:

Planned Purchases

Seriously, I’m done unless I see a crazy amazing deal!

Completed Purchases

Curls (50% off with FRODAY15 on Nov. 27 (Not totally sure))

  • Coconut Dream Condish 32oz
  • Blueberry Bliss Curl Control Jelly

Bekura Beauty (20% off with TWENTYOFF Nov. 27-30)

  • Tonga Mousse Opulent Hair Creme: I pretty much have to try every new product from Bekura, so yea.
  • Whipped Custard Barbados Pecan Body Souffle
  • Barbados Pecan & Vanilla Bath Sugar Sorbet: Hands down my favorite sugar scrub ever.

Oyin Handmade (25% off w/ free shipping in the US on 11/28, Small Biz Saturday, and Cyber Monday)

  • Whipped Pudding (16oz)
  • Hair Dew (33oz)

Alo Yoga (30% off with VIP30 until Nov. 30)

  • Goddess Legging: I got the highlighter color. I’m never opposed to neon colors. Note: I wore these on Thanksgiving and the butt is totally see through. I don’t mind b/c I mainly practice at home, but if you’re out a lot, go for a darker color!

The Ultimate Yogi: Might as well give myself the ultimate challenge if I’m going to get to a yoga retreat to do beach side yoga. So excited, so scared? Check out my post on yoga challenges for some free ones I’ve done.

Backcountry.com (Discounts reflected on site, up to 50% off)

  • La Vie Boheme Warrior Yoga Towel (25% off)
  • Manduka Recycled Foam Block (I needed another yoga block to practice some asanas, like full splits) (25% off)

Mala and Mantra (40% off with GRATITUDE Nov. 26-30)

  • Labradorite Mala beads: I have several malas, but none that are all crystal, and labradorite is one of my favorites. I love meditating with these or simply rotating them while I’m hanging out on the couch. However, the price is a bit steep so I’ve been stalking them for a discount.

Spirithoods (Discount prices as marked until Nov. 27 11:59pm PST)

  • Grey Wolf Faux Fur Coat: I haven’t bought a winter coat I actually like since around 2012, so it’s time! I love real fur (sorry PETA), but it’s not that practical to wear consistently in the DMV because you can’t wear it in rain, sleet, or snow. However, I have a Spirithood shawl that I LOVE and water doesn’t damage it. Their faux fur is also softer than other ones I’ve seen.

Cody App (30% off with BLACKFRIDAY Nov. 27-30)

  • Journey to Handstand: One of my major yoga goals is to be able to do a handstand and stay up for awhile without the wall. I like that this plan includes strengthening exercises in addition to handstand practice. Meaning, it’s not just kick-ups.

Spiritual Gangster (40% off with GOODKARMA40 Nov. 27-30): My favorite brand for yoga-themed clothing, even though I always like them too much to sweat in them.

  • Ok But First Yoga Water Bottle: This was sold out before, so glad they got it back in stock during the sale!

Potential Purchases

Coco Curls (20% off and free shipping over $40 on Friday for 24 hrs)

  • Revitalizing Conditioner (16oz 2x): Love this stuff, but I have half a bottle in my shower right now and wonder if I need more right now since I’m getting Darcy’s and CJ conditioners. Hm…
  • Moisturizing Styling Cream (16oz): Also love, but I have half a jar and have a couple of other moisturizers I want to use up so I can go get some more Camille Rose Almond Jai Butter.

Camille Rose Naturals (25% off with crnblackfriday Nov. 27-29)

  • Coconut Water Leave-In Treatment
  • Caramel Cowash
  • Sweet Ginger Cleansing Rinse
  • Coconut Water Penetrating Hair Treatment
  • Curlaide Moisture Butter

Beija Flor Naturals (35% off with GRATITUDE Nov. 25-Dec. 5)

  • Cocoa Mango Buttercream
  • Creme Brulee
  • Hemp Buttercream

Beloved Shirts (35% off with BLOWOUT 8am-12pm MST or 40% off gym sale with SWOLE 3pm-4pm MST Nov. 27)

  • Pho Tastic Yoga Pants

La Vie Boheme (35% off with THANKFUL starting Thursday at midnight PST through midnight Friday)

  • Warrior Peshtemal Towel – I woke up Thursday morning and this was already sold out! I did find it on another site though (see above for purchases)

Plexus Yoga Wheel (Free shipping for the holidays, discount pending): My back muscles are crazy tight, and lying on my yoga block when it’s at its highest position feels great on my muscles. However, the top is very narrow so the position doesn’t feel as natural as it could. Enter, the Yoga Wheel. When I look at these, I just want to lie on them and read a book. Le sigh. If they don’t have a BF discount, I’ll probably convince someone to get this for me for Christmas.

Additional Sales

Q-Redew ($20 off a Q-Redew purchase with BLACKFRIDAY Nov. 27 from 12am-11am CST, 11am-12am CST $15 off with same code. $10 off with CYBERSALE Nov. 28-30)

Andre Woolery Art (25% off with BLACKARTFRIDAY until Nov. 30): This is where I got my amazing Badu painting.

Nubian Hueman (20% off $50 or more with BUYBLKEVRYDY until Nov. 30)

Liebeskin Berlin Handbags (25% off with BLACKFRIDAY Nov. 27-30): These bags have such nice leather and they’re great quality. I heart mine. I certainly don’t need anymore handbags, but that Gina bag is yum!

Kitsch (25% off with BLACKFRIDAY through Dec. 1)

BGLH Marketplace (20% off orders over $10 with BLACKISBEAUTIFUL Nov. 27-30)

Onzie (30% off with 30GRATITUDE until Nov. 30)

Black Milk Clothing (up to 50% off, prices as marked until Nov. 30 midnight PST)

Koils by Nature (30% off with BlackFriday2015 on Nov. 27 + free shipping over $30)

Revolve Clothing (extra 20% off sale with BLACKFRIDAYNOW until Nov. 26 11:59 PST)

ASOS (30% off with BLESSED until Dec. 1 3am EST)

Teeki (25% off with teeki25 Nov. 27)

Hairveda (30% off sitewide (no code required) and 40% off bestsellers with BLKFRI Nov. 27-30)

Hair Rules (Free 16oz with 32oz purchase through Nov. 28)

Darcy’s Botanicals (25% off with THANKYOU Nov. 27-29)

Qhemet Biologics (25% off with HAPPY Nov. 28 10am EST – 6pm EST)

Jane Carter (40% off with BF2015 and free shipping over $30 Nov. 27)

Poprageous (25% off with BLACKFRIYAY25 through Nov. 29)

Anthropologie (25% off with SHOPTOIT Nov. 27)

Komaza Care (20% off $50 or more with 112715 Nov. 27)

Rebecca Minkoff (25% off no code needed)

Urban Decay (20% off with CRUSHED through Nov. 28)

SDOTBEAUTY (25% off no code needed, extra 5% off $100 or more with EXTRA5 Nov. 27-30)

Curl Junkie (25% off with CYBER2015 Nov. 29 6pm EST – Nov. 30 6pm EST)

Lush Jewelry (25% off with BLKFRICYBMON Nov. 27-30)

Dharma Yoga Wheel (20% off with wheelz Nov. 27-?)

Mantraband (15% off and free shipping with HOLIDAYS Nov. 27-30)

ToeSox (20% off with MUSTHAVE20 Nov. 27-30)

Manduka (25% off Nov. 27-30)

Curly Demure (25% off Oracle Readings)

Bel Nouvo (25% off $25+ $3 shipping Nov. 27 – Dec. 1)

La Bella Body Care (20% off $40+ Nov. 27-29)

You can also check out my Fall Faves for more Black Friday ideas here:

What are you all planning to get for Black Friday?

19 thoughts on “Elle’s Black Friday Wish List and Discounts

  1. Prissy Curls says:

    Have you tried CRN Sweet Ginger Cleansing Rinse before? The reason why I asked, is because I’ve been eyeing it for a while and wanted to try it. I’ve read reviews on it but not from anyone I trust. So if you have tried it I would LOVE to know your thoughts on it.

      • Prissy Curls says:

        Lol, it really does. If you decide to purchase it please, please do tell what you love/dislike about it. I absolutley love your reviews and I find that you give HONEST REVIEWS.

  2. Prissy Curls says:

    Also I know you have your staple stylers,but CRN curl maker, the reformulated one Is the bomb dot.com. It pairs wonderful with the Almond Jai and both the coconut water leave-in and the style setter. I don’t use both with the curl maker because both are marketed as a leave-in .I rather use the style setter or the almond jai with the curl maker and
    save the leave-in tx to use with CRN aloe whipped butter gel for a more fluffy, defined look. I think I’m a CRN addict and need to commit my wallet into rehab, but I’m so afraid it might go into withdrawls. But the curl maker leaves my hair looking so fly and I’m able to go 3-4 with just a spritz of water to refresh, then shake and go.

    • Elle says:

      Curl maker actually makes me mad, lol. It’s a little sticky for me and also has good hold the first day, but I can’t get multi-day hair with it.

      • Prissy Curls says:

        Oh ok, you’re right about the stickiness, but i love it so much that I can deal with the stickiness. I am able to achieve multi-day hair with it, but by day three, my scalp starts to itch so I know its time for a good co-wash. I use the Caramel co-wash from the same line. I tried after I seen it on your HG list and I absolutely ♥ it. I haven’t tried any of CRN conditioners as of yet, but I will in the near future.

  3. Monica Odom says:

    Would you recommend any of these for low to negative dews? (Currently sitting at 21. Last week it dipped to -3) Alaska is killing my hair, and the only thing I have on my BF list is CJCR. I’m currently using Qhemet and honestly am not impressed.

    • Elle says:

      For low dews, I minimize glycerin, so I’d check out ingredients before buying products. I know the Hair Dew doesn’t have glycerin and that’s why I love it during all seasons. Qhemet doesn’t work for me a lot of the time b/c they have glycerin – if I use their formulas in summer my hair goes crazy.

  4. Prissy Curls says:

    I’m sorry I didn’t mean to post twice. It didn’t show up and I thought I did something wrong. Sorry

  5. K. says:

    Thanks for sharing. Oyin, Camille Rose and Bekura are also on my list. The top spot is Soultanicals. I hope they have more Knot Kokoa and it becomes permanent .

  6. Prissy Curls says:

    Thx for the info. I think you’re gonna love the CRN coconut water leave-in tx. It’s very moisturizing and the slip is unheard of. I’m also in love with the style setter from the same line and use both as a leave-in under the curl maker. My hair has been thanking me since I started using them back in August. I also purchased the Coconut Water penetrating deep conditioner and that should be arriving any day now. I pray Prissy enjoys the deep conditioner because being lo-po she gets very angry with certain products.

  7. Prissy Curls says:

    Thx for the info. CRN coconut water leave-in treatment is awesome, crazy slip and the moisture and shine it provides is on point. You should also try the coconut water style setter. Its thicker than the leave-in treatment, but doesn’t weigh my fine lo-po curls/coils down. I use both under the curl maker and my hair has been thanking me ever since I started using CRN products back in August. I just purchased the Coconut water penetrating treatment and I should be receiving it sometime this week. I hope Prissy likes it since she’s so picky about certain products.

  8. K_Fatima says:

    Thanks so much for this! I can’t keep up with all the sales so this is so helpful. I’d love to get my hands on:
    Darcy’s Botanicals Cocoa Bean smoothing cream and pumpkin seed conditioner too..
    Curl Junkie Repair Me and Curl Rehab
    CMR Algea Renew DC
    Oyin Handmade Hair Dew
    But I’m supposed to be on a no-buy. PJ in recovery LOL. I just ordered from Curlmart and got a liter bottle of my fav conditioner/leave in Elucence Moisture Balance conditioner and the As I Am cowash. It was soooo hard to only get those items!

  9. Susanne says:

    Thank you for the valuable information, Elle. I just jumped on the CurlMart site and saw that Curl Junkie products are currently 25% off. I’m wondering if they are going to do any better during any of the big shopping days?

    • Elle says:

      CJ usually has 25% off for their holiday sales – I’d personally rather buy directly from them (loyalty lol) but the sale probably won’t be more than Curlmart’s.

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