Elle’s Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide


**Ringing bells** The holidays are here! And although the holidays are more about family and good times, well, we all know that gifts are a factor. Who doesn’t love gifts? But at the same time, who hates shopping at the mall during holiday season? This girl! So I’ve put together a list of some awesome gifts for the favorite people in your life, and most of them you can buy online. Check it out:

Gifts for the Hair Lover

  • DevaCurl Winter Survival Kit – I’d say that getting someone this kit makes you a really nice person. The products are wonderful and very moisture-rich, so they’re perfect for the cold winter months. HG status, for sure.
  • Coco Curls Moisturizing Gift Set – I can’t decide which makes you a nicer person, this set or the DevaCurl one. Coco Curls is one of my favorite lines because the moisture is on point and it smells amazing. The shampoo isn’t stripping, the conditioner doubles as a DC, and the cream is great for both wash and gos and twists. Get two? One for you, one for them?
  • Oyin 5-Piece Hair Snack Pack – This sampler set is the perfect stocking stuffer for someone with a TWA or who hasn’t tried Oyin products before. Oyin’s ingredients are always top notch, which is why they’ve remained on my HG list for six years.
  • Sedu Flat Iron – Easily my favorite flat iron of all time. Sedu was actually the first “luxury” flat iron I ever owned (I even think my mom got it for me for Christmas!). I stepped on it in the bathroom and broke it, tried a couple of different brands, and went back to my Sedu. Can’t fight greatness.
  • Q-Redew – For the hair lover who has everything…the Q-Redew gives you the moisture benefits of steaming without sitting under the steamer for 30 minutes, and you can even detangle with it. Holiday specials are also up on the site right now. Joy!
  • The Science of Black Hair – Easily the most comprehensive book on natural hair that I own. It contains information on moisture/protein balance, styling, coloring, hair properties, and more. Perfect for a new natural or even a more seasoned natural that would like a reference!
  • SLAPS by Grace Eleyae – I know a lot of naturals who love hats, especially beanies, but after knowing what we know about hair, it’s sometimes hard to let cotton rub against your hair all day. Enter SLAPS. They’re satin lined, so they’re good to your strands. They also work well for sleeping, and so much cuter than a bonnet.

Gifts for the Fitness Fanatic

  • PiYo – PiYo is a combination of pilates, yoga, and strength training. Obviously, because it’s a Beachbody program, it kicks butt! The exercises are unique, so it’s good for those looking to add a bit of variety to their fitness routine. It also comes with an eating plan. The program is only two months, so it’s good for those who don’t want a 3-4 month commitment.
  • Manduka Recycled Foam Yoga Block – Blocks are an amazing accessory for beginner yogis, especially if you aren’t able to touch the floor all the time in your poses. The block “lifts” up the floor to  you, allowing you to remain lengthened in your pose. Manduka’s blocks are sturdy and stable, and can be used in a variety of practices.
  • Jade Harmony Mat – If you don’t have a good mat, you’re going to hate your yoga practice. Slipping, discomfort in the knees…no thanks. Jade’s mat is a good combination of sticky as well as cushioned, so you stay put in your down dog and your knees won’t hate you. It’s a little pricey, but I think a good mat is what encourages people to continue practicing.
  • Plexus Yoga Wheel – This accessory is NOT only for yogis! If you know someone like me, there’s not much that feels as good as a nice, soothing back stretch. If you know someone who sits in an office all day or does a lot of upper body work, this wheel will help open the back and release tension. Yum.
  • Teeki Activewear – This was really hard for me to choose, because I love a number of activewear brands. I chose Teeki because it’s good quality, has gorgeous prints, and not overly expensive (I can’t recommend $100 yoga pants, y’all). As a plus, their fabric is made with recycled plastic, even though you wouldn’t be able to tell by feeling them. Good for the Earth and a great gift!
  • Blogilates Fit Journal – Journaling is said to help people stay consistent with their nutrition and fitness, allowing us to reach our goals faster. This 12-week journal has a daily food and workout log, week recap, and weekly grocery list. It’s also portable enough for you to stick in your purse and go!
  • Daily Greatness Training Journal – This one is like, the ultimate journal for the person who writes down eveeeerythang. Fitness, goal planning, wellness, everything! I like that this one has room to write reps, so it’s good for someone who weight trains. (P.S. I absolutely want their yoga journal – mom, are you reading this?) *Affiliate Link
  • Thinner Leaner Stronger – This book isn’t fluffy, it’s all business, but it will yield results if the work is put in. I think this is a great training book for a friend who is getting into the scientific and educational knowledge behind weight training and exercise. Killin’ it in the gym on the daily.

Gifts for the Beauty Junkie

  • Clarisonic Mia 2 – This little device will absolutely save skin during winter. It not only deep cleans, but exfoliates using regular face wash, so you won’t have granules stuck on your face later. I get really lazy with my skincare regimen too, but I consistently use my Clarisonic. Bonus points for the beeps that tell you when it’s time to switch the area on your face.
  • philosophy Gingerbread House Set – This holiday set is hands down my favorite philosophy product released every year. You can’t really go wrong with lip glosses and body wash (unless the person hates gourmand scents, so beware!), and the small size of the washes makes them perfect for holiday travel. You could also break up the kit and give them away for stocking stuffers or office gifts. The Sugar Sprinkles lip gloss is thebomb.com though, so you might want to keep that for yourself. Just sayin…
  • Moringa Winter Bath Cordial & Butter Duo – Bekura is champ at all things bath and body, so this seasonal set is perfect to give someone a home spa experience. I haven’t personally used this one, but I have plenty of their butters and sugar scrubs, and am always impressed. The butter will also help seal in moisture to fight ash during the colder months. Definitely for someone you like!
  • SDOTBEAUTY Holiday Gift Box – If you can’t decide between hair, skin, and body products, this gift box will give you all three. Definitely the ultimate treat for someone who loves beauty products – soft hair, soft skin, what’s not to love? It’s also a great deal at $49, all of the products separately would be $87. Winning!
  • Eat Pretty: Nutrition for Beauty, Inside and Out – As you all know, beauty starts on the inside. You can use the best beauty products, but your nutrition is a key component for beauty over time. This book provides an extensive list of healthy foods and their beauty benefits, along with recipes.
  • Makeup: The Ultimate Guide – Let’s face it, sometimes YouTube doesn’t cut it. It’s always helpful to have pictorials and written descriptions about makeup, especially for someone (like me) who isn’t a makeup artist or doesn’t want to spend an hour on their daily look. But, I’m also browsing the book right now and feel like I have the urge to go to Sephora. Help.
  • Solstice Scents Perfume – If you know someone who loves perfume, you have got to put them on to Solstice Scents. Everything there is heavenly – I’m into gourmand scents, but there are all types – floral, woodsy, spicy, you name it. Where else could I have gotten German Chocolate Cake and Violet Truffle perfumes? Warning: These are addictive. I had to cut myself off because I have over 15 and they last FOREVER because they’re oils.

Gifts for Spiritual Sparkle

  • Demure Lyfe Orgonites – The energy in Sie’s orgonites are off the chain, she personally intuits each one, and they are absolutely gorgeous. If you get a custom orgonite, you can also choose which crystals and colors you’d like in your piece. These are perfect for keeping the energy positive in your home, placing on your desk at work, or carrying around with you.
  • Mantraband Bracelets – The perfect gift for your bestie. Pick a mantra that makes you think of your friend and select a bracelet in rose gold, silver, or gold. I wish I had a ton to stack! They have a TON to choose from, so you’re bound to find one that goes with their life mantra.
  • The Beauty Detox Power – This book is a good combination of Kimberly’s prior books mixed with a spiritual/wellness element and chakra associations with food and energy. It’s my favorite out of the three. There’s also a HUGE selection of unique recipes, many of them are fairly quick and simple as well.
  • Stone and Violet Moon Phase Compartment Box – This gorgeous box  is awesome for holding magical trinkets and tools, whether it’s tarot cards, crystals, jewelry – really, whatever you’d like! You could even hold your keys in it if you’re fancy like that.
  • Energy Muse Crystal Bags – Energy Muse offers already assembled bags of crystals based on your need or association, such as your zodiac. This is the perfect way to gift crystals to someone without picking each one yourself. The crystals can be carried with the individual, or placed throughout the home for energy!
  • The Hoodwitch Triple Goddess Smudge Sampler – I am a huge fan of smudging, especially if you often have outside influences in your home or live in close quarters to others. Energy feeling off? Smudge it! You can also use smudge sticks to cleanse your crystals.
  • #aNote2Self Meditation Journals: A Note 2 Self is perfect for those new to journaling, because there are thought-provoking questions on each page. I also love the lunar phase and month descriptions in the appendix. Perfect for daily self-reflection.

Gifts for the Home Decor DIYer

  • Stone and Violet Moon Phase Shelves – Okay so um, who is getting me this? This beautiful set of shelves is perfect for putting your most precious items on displaying, whether it be crystals, trinkets, or small decor. Unfortunately they are sold out right now (I think b/c of Black Friday), but I think they’ll be back for the holidays.
  • Andre Woolery Art – I know I always talk about his Badu canvas because it’s my favorite, but there are so many more great selections from this artist. These prints and paintings make dope housewarming holiday gifts for just about anyone, and he even offers the prints on cool items like shower curtains, clocks, and throw pillows. So chic.
  • Himalayan Salt Candle/Tea Light Holder – So I did some recent research on salt candles and immediately bought one when I was done. Did you know that they actually can help purify the air? I had no idea! And they’re so pretty when you light them – it’s like a glowing orb of purity (I’m corny, I know).
  • House of Good Juju Candles and Mists – Good vibes, happy home. HOGJ mixes spiritual elements with everyday homegoods for the ultimate abode experience. Know someone who likes candles? Bam, their candles also have crystals in them. Are they a room spray fan (Bath and Body Works!)? Double up and cleanse the home, too. No negativity here! Om. (I’m totally here for their Aura Cleansing Mist)
  • Byootifulee Hueman Art – Creativity? Check. Natural hair? Check. Diversity? Check. This unique Etsy shop celebrates the beauty of blackness in a playful and expressive manner, making the prints ideal for shared space at home. If you know someone who loves conversation starting pieces, this is your spot.


Disclaimer: This Gift Guide is 100% unsolicited – none of the vendors reached out to me to include their products in this list and I picked them all myself. Cheers and Happy Holidays!