Spring Wash and Go: LOC Method

Hey boos! Time for a spring wash and go tutorial. I’ve been doing the LOC method because I don’t have wet cat hair like I often do when I use gel. It’s super quick and easy, and with my DevaTowel my hair isn’t dripping all over the place so I can air dry. Check it out!

More information below!

Products Used:
Leave-In: Oyin Hair Dew
Oil: Camille Rose Naturals Cocoa Nibs & Honey – Ultimate Growth Serum
Styler: Camille Rose Naturals Aloe Whipped Butter Gel

1. Apply leave-in in four sections while in the shower.
2. Apply oil in four sections once out of the shower.
3. Apply styler in eight sections, smoothing through hair.
4. Wrap hair in microfiber towel to wring out excess water and product.
5. Dry hair as desired!

Second day hair (finally dry!)


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2 thoughts on “Spring Wash and Go: LOC Method

  1. Caramel kisses says:

    Hey Elle,
    I love your wash and go tutorial and tried it yesterday. I used Almond Jai as my leave-in and unrefine coconut oil and I must say it can out pretty awesome.
    P.S I orderd Does My Nappyiness Offend You tee. I should be recieving it soon. Thanks for all your helpful info.

  2. LMN says:

    I was looking for exactly this information today as my wash n’ gos have been pretty iffy lately. Leave it to ou, Ms. Elle, to set me straight with this valuable tutorial. Thanks! Oh, hey, are you still taking Viviscal, and if yes, are you still seeing results?

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