Era of the Carefree Black Girl: Are More Black Women Embracing Spiritual Practices?


A couple of years ago, one of my favorite spiritual workers, Curly Demure of Demure Lyfe, constantly shared information on crystals on her Facebook page about their uses and energies. As a collector of crystals since childhood, I was always excited to see these posts and casually shared them with followers of my page. I didn’t really think anything of it – after all, my website and channel aren’t about crystals or spirituality, I just wanted to share something that I love. But the overall response I received was very positive, and even more, a lot of women had questions about the different kinds of crystals and their uses. It was beyond acceptance or tolerance, and I truly appreciated them for that.

And there’s no shortage of information available – a quick Google search or trip to the library can open up a whole new world about spiritual tools and practices. Not just crystals, but information on moon phases, meditation, setting intentions, yogic philosophy, aromatherapy, numerology, and more. Blogs like Demure Lyfe and the Hoodwitch, both led by women of color, share information on spiritual practices in a way that are both refreshing and modern. There’s always something new to learn (look up “yoni eggs”) and it’s all rooted in positivity and shining your own light on the world.

I thought it was important to ask some active users about how their spirituality relates to their religion; often, people may see these practices as a direct contradiction or conflict with religious beliefs, but it seems that many are shifting towards spiritual practices without the two interfering with one another, or associated but in balance. Here’s what they had to say (names kept private):

“I am a Christian who believes in God but also like working with crystals. I meditate although I haven’t quit mastered it yet. I do believe in smudging because negative energy can an affect anyone. I’ve always been connected to astrology as a child. I’ve always been connected to crystals as a child although I referred to them as rocks. My parents never questioned my fascination with these and allowed me to explore my curiosity. I do believe that Christianity has been given a bad rep as a result of false teachings.”

“I grew up Christian but the religion never fit me. Now at 30 I know I don’t believe in most religious dogmas but I’m not sure exactly where I fall. Astrology makes “sense” to me but I feel understanding life is more about understanding self than anything else at all. I tell people I am not atheist because I believe in God, I just believe she IS me… So I would say I’m spiritual, but nothing simple about it.”

“I was born and raised in a Christian household. Although Christianity has been my personal foundation, it has not stopped me from questioning, studying, and plain ‘ole ‘knowing better’. As a kid, my awareness, curiosity, and wonder led me to feel more connected to nature, sunshine, moon beams, stars, wind gusts, ocean waves, the change of seasons, messages in my dreams, and crystals. There was power in all of these things for me, and I knew it was all God before religion was even introduced to me. Yoga even found me before I ever stepped foot inside of a church! Fast forward to now, and you’ll find me praying, saying grace over my food, practicing yoga, meditating, smudging, working with crystal energy, communing with nature, studying Ifa, and enjoying the company of lightworkers. To me, it’s all God, it’s fellowship, it’s church service….everything I grew up with as a kid, but minus the fear, judgement, mind control, and contention. I’m so open right now, and my practices feel good in my spirit.”


Their responses are truly beautiful, and I love seeing women explore and embrace their spirituality in their own ways. There are many different ways to be spiritual, and one way isn’t more accurate than another. Go forth and shine.

What spiritual practices do you engage in? What are you exploring?


7 thoughts on “Era of the Carefree Black Girl: Are More Black Women Embracing Spiritual Practices?

  1. Gina says:

    Buddhism for me, I am also Episcopalian but chanting and natural law just feels right. Everything about this piece resonates with me however I found myself none the better for sitting in church together, singing and hearing he word. It didn’t empower me from the inside and felt so regimented.

  2. Klisha Jones says:

    Beautiful I too, have embraced my spirituality full throttle. I will never look back, being a light worker and a reader I love my lifestyle as a spiritual being.

  3. Tonya D. Goff says:

    I love this post! I began my awakening to spirituality a few years ago. I had been in a long time relationship that was not serving my highest good, but for the life of me, literally, I didn’t know how to save myself. Out of the blue, but not really, one of my hair clients (I am the founder former owner of Uncle Funky’ s Daughter) came in and brought me a bag of crystals as a gift. I had no idea what they were, but the energy I felt from them was undeniable. Long story real short, a few months later, I was in divorce court freeing myself from the grasps of an energy vampire, and awakening to my remembrance of my power. My whole life and career has changed as a result of my awakening to spirituality and I will never be the same. I gladly share my story with other sisters who are also seeking knowledge and remembrance. Thanks for this post!

    • Moni J. says:

      This is the best response in regards to me taking heed to a spiritual path & finding myself!!!!
      Thank you for sharing your encouraging words….

  4. Andrea J Taylor-Machin says:

    Its wonderful to see so many of our sis-stars awaken and begin exploring the different paths to spirituality and evolution. I was also raised in a very traditional religious family, however it never “felt” right to me and I questioned everything. Now, several decades later, I have become grounded in the knowledge that the Divine is so much than any religious label we have given to it. I’ve shared with several of my sis-stars that discovering your spiritual path is like going into a giant buffet restaurant. There are many choices and options, try a little of everything, see what resonates with you, and jump in. My “path” now is not limited to just one thing, because I have learned, and will continue to learn and embrace things from different paths and its a beautiful experience. The time is now for us to awaken! Peace and blessings.

  5. Sunni says:

    Love this post!I agree with all three women that filling the spirit is more than religion, and what you are taught as a child. Now in my late 20’s I have found solace in yoga and meditation, understanding of crystals and nature, which have all bought me closer to God and my spirituality. I think we have to stop with the one size fits all, or being associated with only one thing. We as people are broad and different, and what ever helps us grow deeper in our spirituality and fulfill our destiny is all that matters.

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