First Impression: Wet n’ Wild Summer Collection (with Swatches!)

Hey lovies! So, if you follow me on social media (@QFTPC on Twitter and Facebook) you might have seen me posting about makeup more often lately. I’m not sure what it is, I’ve just been buying more makeup and not really any hair products, but I thought it would be fun to start reviewing them. I mean, I would consider this a beauty blog, si? Anywho, here it goes. I purchased all of these products from my local CVS, but they are also available online if you can’t get them on the ground.

Wet n’ Wild basically reminds me of childhood – honestly, I don’t think I’ve bought it since middle school. Every once in awhile, I hear about some drugstore makeup holy grail amazingness from them but the product is NEVER at my store – until now! *dance* Awhile ago, I became absolutely obsessed with matte long wear liquid lipsticks, and became even more excited when I found brands that also offered metallics. METALLICS, Y’ALL. As someone who loves glitter and all things sparkly, this makes me giddy.

So I’m online ordering some from Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics and Coloured Raine (more on those after I try them), and while I’m in PJ mode I’m trying to figure out where I can buy some locally without going to Sephora or Ulta. After much research, I ended up trying to find Milani’s (I ended up having to order them) new Chromattic collection, but only found WnW – eh, it was cool because I had read about those too and I got all of this make up pretty much for less than $20. Swoon.

Wet n’ Wild Limited Summer Collection: Lost in the Wild Flowers 

Color Icon Metallic Liquid Lipsticks


left to right: My Tulips Are Sealed, Peony Express, Chrysanthemum’s the Word, Coming Up Roses

These hues are so pretty! Even the ones I didn’t get I thought were pretty but thought they might look weird on me. They all have doe foot wands for application so you don’t even need a lip liner. Here are some swatches on my skin:


It’s difficult to see in the pic, but all of the colors have much more shimmer and glitter than you can see here. The only one that I’m not too sure about is the Peony Express because it might be a tad too baby pink for me, but I can always mix it with something else or layer it with a matte for some sparkle. My favorite color out of the collection is My Tulips Are Sealed (MTAS) – I just love the peachy nature of it and it reminds me of summer. In fact, all of these remind me of sorbet or gelato, and I won’t complain about that.

I haven’t gotten much wear out of them yet, but check out MTAS!


And now…the MegaGlo sticks!

MegaGlo All-In-One Highlighting Stick

People have been raving about the powder highlighters from this collection, but unfortunately all of the CVS stores near me were all sold out. But fret not! The sticks are pretty cool.


Light Up My High-Biscus (left) and Carnational Anthem (right)

At first glance, I thought these looked fairly identical, but they are really quite different.


Okay maybe not THAT different, but clearly different base shades and tones. The champagne peach in Light Up My High-Biscus (LUMHB) is basically what my natural glow dreams are made up and they leave a bit more glitter when you blend than Carnational Anthem (CA). It reminds me of a Benefit highlighter. CA has more orangeish/stronger peach tones and looks more shimmery than glittery once blended. Oh, and both of the swatches above were after five swipes, but I wouldn’t do more than two on my face.

I also used them in the pic above on my collarbone (LUMHB), mixed with my bronzer for a little sparkle to my contour on my cheeks (CA), and highlighting my temples (LUMHB). These can also be used on your eyes and lips, but I wasn’t a fan of the texture on my lips.

I can’t wait to try these babies out and report back!

Have you tried the Wet n’ Wild Summer Collection?

5 thoughts on “First Impression: Wet n’ Wild Summer Collection (with Swatches!)

    • Elle says:

      They seriously remind me of ice cream and they make me want to have an entire ice cream outfit complete with a cherry on top hat. Send help.

  1. Carla Rose says:

    Very pretty! I didn’t know Wet n Wild had those lines out. We don’t have a CVS in my state but I will see if my local ULTA has them.

  2. Shavone says:

    Those all looked pretty on your skin. Is that the DevaCurl towel? How do you like it?

    • Elle says:

      Thanks! I LOVE my DevaTowel – it’s a staple in my wash and go routine. I usually leave it on while I do my makeup and I’m getting dressed.

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