QFTPC Master List for Buying Black-Owned for Beauty & Wellness

Buying black-owned is becoming more and more of an emphasis everyday, but it definitely doesn’t always fall under the “convenient” spectrum. Truthfully, I get annoyed every time I write a compiled post either featuring black women or black business (not at them!) because it’s often so time consuming to get a good list going. It can take hours and hours of research and Googling (thank goodness for TV). And even furthermore, the quality of the product or customer service isn’t always known, which can potentially cause problems if someone has a less than stellar experience. So, I wanted to compile a list of businesses that I have ordered from and can vouch for, at least on some level. Happy shopping!







If you have more favorites to add, please leave them in the comments! As I think of more, I will update this list.

12 thoughts on “QFTPC Master List for Buying Black-Owned for Beauty & Wellness

  1. Janine Canton says:

    hey I have a few and I can vouch for great customer service as well. Tree naturals. She even has a small mens line and hand writes the notes in your order which I love and she answers questions easily and gets back to you quickly. I pretty much like all her stuff. Shea Moisture is also a Black owned business as far as I can tell.

    • Elle says:

      Thanks! Shea Moisture is kind of iffy to me as a black-owned brand because they partnered with another company for distribution or have white shareholders now – it was on Naturally Curly last year I think. Since they partnered, I haven’t really liked where they are going as a brand but I still like a few of their products.

  2. Maryum Karim says:

    Hi Elle! My name is Maryum Karim and I would love for you to include my online store, Yarncoture.com! I sell a variety of hand knit and crocheted accessories for men and women as well as decor for your home. I also sell beautifully hand knit and crocheted satin lined hats that can be custom made to your size. Everything in my store is made by me. 🙂

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