Peak Cosmetics Duet Liquid Lipstick/Gloss Combo: Swatches and Review!

Yes, I’m quite aware that I don’t need more lipstick. But I was excited when Peak Cosmetics reached out to me regarding these, especially because these are lipstick/gloss combos! Sometimes I hate using gloss over my lipsticks when they start to get drying because the color transfers to my gloss applicator, and this completely eliminates that issue as you have a gloss for each color. When I want to apply gloss when I’m out, I often go to the bathroom and completely wipe off my lipstick to prevent transfer and to keep some of my formulas from getting cakey. Problem solved! Here are the colors I picked out:


From top to bottom: Amaretto Sour, Cacao, Vanilla Bean, Latte, Strawberry Souffle. 

The applicator is long and fairly flat, making application incredibly easy. I didn’t find it difficult to be precise and the formula is fairly mousse-like and thick, so you won’t have an issue with too much product getting on your lips.


The first coat goes on fairly sheer, which isn’t an issue on my lips with the more muted colors, but with Latte and Strawberry Souffle, two coats were required to prevent the color from looking patchy. All of the shades also look more opaque with two coats. My favorites are Amaretto Sour, Cacao, and Vanilla Bean. Latte and Strawberry Souffle are still nice, but on my skin tone I think they were a little to light/bright and were more patchy than the other shades. Once the formula dries, it’s smudge and kiss proof, yet not thick at all. It definitely won’t crumble or flake on your lips.

I haven’t needed to wear these all day, but each time I wore them for 4-5 hours, I did not have issues. The formula is slightly drying, but no more than a lot of the liquid lipsticks I own. As it wears down (I ate eggs for dinner with Cacao on), the fade is quite natural and barely noticeable. I love lipsticks like this because you don’t have to worry about a harsh line or crumbling if you wear it when you’re going out for drinks or to eat. The gloss is also extremely beneficial in these situations, because you can just apply gloss on top of the fading color and you’re good to go! Check out the colors with gloss on top:

Overall, I’d give these 3.75 stars! I know that sounds weird, but I have a thing about needing to apply two coats to my lipsticks because I have to wait for them to dry. That’s more of a personal preference though (and because I’m impatient). Right now, you can get 40% off if you use my affiliate link here, making them $14 each.

Let me know if you have any questions!



FTC: I received these lipsticks for free from Peak Cosmetics and all opinions are my own. This post contains an affiliate link.