500 Calorie Fast: Day Two

Note: I eat a ketogenic diet, so the foods I post will be higher in fat and lower in carbs. I do not recommend eating high fat if you are also eating high carb.

Whew, here we go! Day two of my fast. I was solid last night…until it was like 1am and I couldn’t sleep (this isn’t b/c of the fast, I often have too much energy at night) and started STARVING. So…I had 8 pickle chips, which apparently has zero cals. Eh. Okay, onto day two.

I ate at 8:30am because my dinner was so early yesterday and well, I wanted some food. Fasting is great, but I don’t believe in starving when you are truly hungry. I just ate my other wing and made another little cold cut 1/2 wrap. Here’s the breakdown:

Breakfast: 1 Wingstop Louisiana Rub wing (my last one, ’til next time my friend!) – 65 calories, Vito Unwich (guessing again but I only used a little ham) – 55 calories, 1/2 coconut wrap – 35 calories. Total – 155 calories. I also drank a huge glass (yes glass, not cup lol) of coffee.

Around noon, K cooked some bacon. Bacon doesn’t stand a chance against me. But to keep cals low, I only ate 2 pieces. Note, I really like the Pederson’s bacon, which is sugar-free and uncured. It also works for those of you doing Whole30.

Lunch: 2 pieces of bacon – 60 calories, 1/2 Mikey’s English Muffin – 50 calories. Total – 110 calories. I also had a tall glass of tea and the rest of my can of Zevia.

I drank several glasses of water over the next few hours – I felt more thirsty than anything. Oh, I also had a few more pickles (also 0 cals) and a seaweed snack (30 cals)

Dinner: Milton’s Local Uncured Bacon Sausage (these are some of the best sausages ever) – 210 calories with French’s Super Yellow Mustard (mustard is bae on keto) – 0 calories

Total Calories: 505

Oh, in terms of weight loss in you’re interested, I didn’t weigh myself yesterday so I can’t comment on it until tomorrow, but I feel like my abs are trying to say hi. Or I could be delusional. 🙂