500 Calorie Fast: Wrap-Up

So…don’t go grocery shopping while you fast. The night prior, I went to Harris Teeter for some snacks for a trip and ended up eating three Jack Links sausages. Ugh! So my daily was more around 700, which is still a huge caloric deficit. But in the morning, I had gained 0.3lbs! Okay but seriously, this is no big deal because your weight naturally fluctuates everyday. 

I was still mad, but at the end of the day I lost around 2lbs in 3 days, which is good. My stomach looked flatter and I know I’m super hydrated. I stopped fasting today because I thought if I broke it at a wedding, I might overdo it and even have cake (I do not want cake 🤗).

Would I do it again? Sure, but I’d prefer to do it a couple of days a week and not back to back. I’ve been doing research on insulin and I’m not sure it’s necessarily good to restrict calories that much for a prolonged period of time, although three days isn’t that bad. I’m going to keep intermittent fasting (fast for 16 hours with an eight hour eating window) and follow a ketogenic way of eating.