PixieFit Keto Reviews: Real Good Three Cheese Pizza

I have been hearing a lot of raving about a frozen keto-friendly pizza lately from Real Good Pizza Co. I usually make my own keto “pizza” with a sausage crust or dough using almond flour, but sometimes we just don’t have an hour to make a pizza. I got all three flavors they have (Three Cheese, Pepperoni, and Supreme), but I broke my 36-hr water fast with the cheese version, so I wanted to review that first. Let’s look at the ingredients:

At first glance, I’m not hating the ingredients. They aren’t amazing, but it is a frozen pizza. Sunflower oil is generally not recommended for a ketogenic way of eating because it is high in polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) at 68%* but it’s less than 2% in the crust so I figure that every once in a blue moon won’t kill me. Natural flavor is also often code for MSG or sugar, but you can’t really be too sure because they don’t have to disclose the specific ingredients.

The directions state that you can either stick your pizza in the oven or the microwave, and a lot of people actually prefer the microwave. So I put it on a microwave safe plate with the cardboard (recommended) for two minutes, and it was ready to devour! Or…devour? This is how my pizza came out:

And it tastes like…the Chicken Parm Lean Pocket filling. I saw some reviews and people said that you could not tell the crust is chicken. LIES. It tastes exactly like chicken! Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing but um, y’all, this doesn’t taste like any kind of crust! And the thing is…I actually like Chicken Parm Lean Pockets, but my gripes are that a) These pizzas run around $6 for one, and they are pretty small. And how does something so expensive taste so cheap? b) Each pizza contains 4g of carbs, which for most people isn’t a lot, but I’m experimenting with 10g of total carbs a day with the exception of using net with avocado. I would rather eat an avocado, which clocks in around 3g of net carbs. c) Non-keto ingredients, even if they are in small amounts are not preferred for me. Even if I try something once, I most likely will not buy it again. The pepperoni and supreme versions contain dextrose in the pepperoni as well. I love me some pepperoni, but I don’t buy it that much and I try to get the organic, uncured version.

VERDICT? Leave it, you could easily make your own and take it to go with you, or make something like a pizza salad and get a similar (better) taste. I love my meatzzas and this did not stack up, especially for the price. BUT (lol), if you’re in a pinch and would like to try them, you can use “elle10” for 10% off. That’s something, no? I hope that I like it more cooked in the oven.